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DCH4 Throbbing Blue Knob Campout 2019

08/30 02:00 PM to 09/01 02:00 PM

A DCH4 Hash Campout

Cost: $89


Ass Spelunker, Senior Douchbag, Daddy's Dick, Math Sucks, Let's F*ck!, others...

UPDATED: Sunday, August 25th!

We only have 2 Rego's left. We have decided to extend the sign up until they are sold!. DO NOT SEND PAYMENT THROUGH THE MAIL!!! If you decided to cum, you not use PayPal, we ask that you bring CASH, US DOLLARS, NOT CANADIAN, to sign in at the site. Cheers and On-On to a great weekend!!

Welcome to the DCH4 Throbbing Blue Knob Campout 2019!! This event will run over the Labor Day Weekend and end on Sunday.

Blue Knob is the second highest mountain in Pennsylvania at 3,146 feet (959 m). It is the location of Blue Knob All Seasons Resort, the ski slope in Pennsylvania with the highest elevation. The park features over 25 miles of trails.

Blue Knob State Park is just off Interstate 99 on Pennsylvania Route 869 west of Pavia, which is about 3hrs drive from Washington, D.C.

The camping site is at the Hideaway Ranch, located 1/4 mile from South Entrance to the park trails and is the home of the owners of Olde Bedford Brewing Company (OBBC) that opened their first brewery in downtown Bedford, Pa in March of 2018. OBBC just opened their second location on July 4th, 2019. We will be serving a selection of beer from OBBC!!

The site features 65 acres of private land which includes two ponds filled with pure mountain spring water. The owners, Dave and Mary Heller, built the facilities for the brewery at this site, but due to a deal they couldn't pass up, decided to open the brewery in downtown Bedford, Pa.

In the meantime, we will be taking advantage of this facility to serve as our Mess Hall and Party areas at night.

The elevation of this property is about 1500-1800 feet above sea level, so the nights will be cool and crisp. Bring enough covers or a companion to keep you warm.

Camping area is dog friendly, but if your pooch poops in the camping area, please be kind and scoop that shite.

We will be bringing in Porta Johns for your human pooping pleasure

Pay Per View and Tour duh Whore will be doing their 6th Anal Best Beer Check Ever on Saturday's Trail.

Hares: Pay Per View, Tour duh Whore, Ass Spelunker, and others TBD.

Cost: $89

We plan to cap the event at 50 people so rego early. Registration will close 14 days prior to the event so that the Caterer can plan for the amount of food needed.


Friday: Bring your own food or eat some of the Hot Dogs we will have on hand...

Saturday and Sunday breakfast (Vegetarian and Gluten Free Options available)

Saturday Lunch on Trail

Saturday Catered BBQ Dinner (Vegetarian and Gluten Free Options available)

PA-Micro brewed Craft beer
PA-Mass Produced Beer

Private Camp Ground with access to Blue Knob state park
Party Pavilion
Clothing optional swimming hole.

Dogs are allowed


4pm: Sign In, Kegs tapped

4pm onwards: Camp set up and pond floating (bring your floaty and towel) BYO food for friday dinner or stop on your way in. We are working to have a food truck brought in, but not definitive at this time.

7pm - Welcome Circle and short trail around the Hideway Ranch...

9pm - late: Drinking Games, Tour duh Whore spins tunes and bonfire.

8-10am: Breakfast
10-11am: Make your lunch and prep for trail. Fixin's will be provided for you to prepare your own lunch.
11am: Blue Knob Hash Trail
2pm: Return to camp and End Circle
4pm - 6pm: Boat Races & Pond Athletic events, Drinking Games. Picking Hops grown on the property.
7pm: Dinner
9pm - late: Tour duh Whore spins tunes and bonfire
11pm - Nature Trail

8-9am: Breakfast
10am: Fat Boy trail
10:30am: Closing circle

For those who want to stay an extra day, an addition $10 per person will need to be paid directly to Dave & Mary. You will need to provide your own food to stay over. There is plenty of beautiful hiking you can do or just stay drunk another day...

Saturday Night is Pirate Night! Everybody loves Pirates...!

Something to keep you warm at night... More Harriettes the better...

Start Location Details

Hideaway Ranch, Claysburg, PA

1149 Hideaway Ranch Rd, Claysburg, PA 16625

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