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DC Red Dress Run 2024

10/11 03:00 PM to 10/13 11:00 AM

A Hash Weekend

Cost: $110*

DC Red Dress Run 30th Anal-versary Celebration

Join us in our Nation’s Capital on October 11-13, 2024 as we lace up our running shoes and slip into our most dazzling red dresses to embark on a memorable journey through the iconic streets of DC! This year's event holds special significance as we commemorate three decades (30 whole years!) of the DC Red Dress Run! Join us in celebrating this milestone with beer, miles, more beer, and all of your closest hash friends!

30 years means a gift of pearls . . . and that means we’re giving custom hash name pearl necklaces to those who rego early! SO, rego before 5/31 and receive a hash name custom pearl necklace in addition to your other gimmes!

Charity of Choice: House of Ruth

“House of Ruth’s mission is to empower survivors of domestic violence to break the cycle of abuse and live independently, safely, and with dignity. Our organization aims to achieve this by providing comprehensive, trauma-informed services that address the unique needs of each survivor and their family. House of Ruth is committed to serving all survivors of domestic violence, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or nationality.”

For more info, see their website https://houseofruth.org/


Cost: $105, increases to $115 after 5/31 so rego early, then tell your friends to do it!

Basic day of DC RDR Rego gets you:

DC Red Dress Trail! Wear your red dress and pearl necklaces with pride!

Beer! Cider! Seltzer! (yes, glutard options avail. w/o add’l package)

Access to On After venue (TBA)

A fun ADDITIONAL gimme! Rego before 5/31 for 30th year pearl necklace!

You asked, we listened! We’re providing more A la carte options this year:

Add on options:

  • BLT hosted by DC Full Moon - Friday night Full Moon trail and Boxers, Lingerie, and and Toga trail, with on after party! Join us for the sexiest night of the weekend! Including food and booze at DC’s hottest tiki-themed bar! More info to cum!
    BLT-only rego will open closer to event date

  • Donna’s Drinkers - Rego link here when available!
    We’re making changes from last year! Upgrade your drinks at venues on trail and at the hotel!

  • Weekend trails! It’s a 3 day weekend, so get your DC trail credits! Includes Thursday night trail hosted by Everyday is Wednesday H3, Sunday morning trail by Hangover H3 (Not your average fatboy trail, all levels available!), and Sunday afternoon trail by White House H3

Hash Hotel: Fill out the form here to get a room! Rooms are $160+tax/night, and can fit up to 4! One form per room please! We will send out confirmation emails once we receive payment for the room.

House rules:
Remember to always ask for consent and respect everyone's boundaries—whether it's a high-five or a kiss, whether a new friend or your long term partner.
We’re adults, please drink (or don’t drink) and behave responsibly.
Treat the hotel with respect. We are degenerates, but they are not, let’s keep the debauchery to our own individual rooms. See rule about consent. That applies here too.
Same for hashpitality suite. Not everyone wants to see your stuff.
Misman has the right to remove anyone acting in an unsafe or unbecoming manner towards themselves or others from the event without refund.

For more information and updates, contact DCREDDRESS@gmail.com .

Start Location Details

Washington DC

Start Location TBA

Schedule of Events

12:00-4:00 Early Sign In @ Hotel
4:00-6:00 Sign in
7:00 BLT Trail hosted by DC Full Moon
@ start
8:00 DCFM BLT presents:
11:30 Shooting Star Trail
@ hash hotel

Morning Breakfast
Mimosa & Bloody Mary Bar → hashpitality suite
10:00-12:00 Hab Bazaar
@ Hotel
12:00-1:30 Lunch
@ Hotel
Included in base rego:
1:30 Red Dress Circle
@ trail start in DC
Red Dress Trail
5-8pm Party On @ End Bar
10:00 Hotel Party for those staying at hotel!

10:00 Hangover H3 Trail - Rego add on
Eagle, Turkey, Penguin options available
Details cumming
11:00 GTFO
3pm - White House H3 Trail - Rego add on
Details Cumming

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