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Host Kennel:


Dallas Formal 40th 2018

09/27 12:00 PM

A Dallas Hash Weekend

Cost: $109*


Lumberjack Off, Anal Thrax, MR Dicks, Little Ring Riding Hood, Deodorcunt, Son of a Peach(S.O.A.P), Mouthful, Free Ho Lay

We’re cumming up to the Dallas H3’s 40th Analversary. With that, the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area Kennels are putting on a big ass party!!!
Participating Kennels: Dallas H3 (DH3), Ft. Worth H3 (FWH3), Dallas Urban H3 (DUH3), Ft. Worth Urban H3 (FUH3), North of Dallas H3 (NoDUH3), Huzzah H3 (HH3) and Power of Pussy H3 (POPH3)!!
Dates: Friday, September 28, 2018 through Sunday September 30, 2018. Optional days would be Thursday and Monday.
Schedule of Events (to be updated upon finalizing details):
• Thursday – FU Trail or HH; Optional
• Friday Day – explore Dallas area on your own (first day of State Fair, possible Cowboy Stadium Tour)
• Friday night – DUH3 Happy Hour (looking at local breweries);
• Saturday day – FWH3 Trail / Hares: TriFuckta
• Saturday night – DH3 Formal (colors/dresses – Ruby Red); Talent Show/Skits; Dinner, Awards and Live Entertainment
• Sunday afternoon – Huzzah and POP Hangover Trail.
• Monday night – Actual Analversary! NoDUH3 Trail / hash cash not included in rego/ Optional
The Hotel is the Sleep Inn at 1165 Empire Central Pl, Dallas, TX 75247. (469) 372-0006. Your Rego does not include your hotel room. Please tell them you are with the Hash House Harriers to get the special $85 per night rate.
Rego Open March 1st!
• $89/person for the first 75 regos up to March 31st
• $99/person for the 76th – 175th person up to May 31st
• $109/person for the 176th – 300th person up to July 31st
• $129/person for you slackers from August through September 30th then no more Regos sold after this date
Use PayPal: heyleigh814@yahoo.com *Please use send money to friends and family, otherwise there is a fee and we get ripped off!
Mail: Send checks to Leigh Steinberg @ 3900 Grapevine Mills Pkwy, #2336, Grapevine, TX 76051

What do you get?
• 3-5 days of EPIC good times, it’s a great time for all of you ol’ timers to cum out and show your asses, I mean faces again. Your rego includes all events (except for NoDUH and hotel) – you may attend all or just Friday-Sunday but there are no discounts for only attending one or two events.
• Gimmies galore!!! We’re working on those now! We have some great ideas working
• Transportation to and from Hotel to Hash and/or Formal on Saturday
• Beer tapped Friday at noon in Hashpitality Suite
• Food provided: Saturday Lunch and Dinner; Sunday Lunch

Best event of the decade!

Formal Dance

Your finest dress/tux. Normal hash stuff,

Location Details

Start Location TBA

Sleep Inn

(469) 372-0006

Tell them you are with the Hash House Harriers.

1165 Empire Central Pl, Dallas, TX 75247

Schedule of Events

Details to be announced later.

Kegs tapped at noon

Optional tour of AT&T Stadium
Optional trip to the State Fair of Texas

Trails galore.

All trails completed by 3:00PM.

Get your fancy clothes on as transport to venue for food, awards and dancing.

Hangover hash with hares Little Ring Riding Hood and Deodorcunt.


Public Event

61 Hashers cumming:

Bunker Buster

Memphis H3

Kitty Kitty Gang Bang

Wheelhopper H3 (Atlanta)

(MASSIVE) slut slinger

(Knuckledragger H3)

12 Below


3 Strokes and yer Done


Airport Slut


Bacon Drippn's


Beaver Breath

(Knuckledraggers H3)

Bedside Spectator

(Ft Worth H3)

Ben Dover R My Panties Showin


Cave of Wonders


Chihuahuah Balls

(Ft Worth H3)

Closet Porn Star


Dances with Cocks



(DFW/Huzzah H3)

Dildo 4 Dinner


Epic Fail

(Mosquito H3)

Faming Flaggett




Free Ho Lay


Fucking Beaver Shit


Hog Straddler


How Big is Your Mouth ?!?


I'm So Rong

(DFW/Huzzah H3)

Jedi Mind Wank






Just Jackie


Just Princess Charlotte

(DFW/Huzzah H3)

Just Tanya



(Grapevine Quarterly)

Li'l Chicken Choker

(GQ Quarterly H3)

Mango Boy

(Wheelhopper H3 (A...)

Martha Fucking Stewart




Must bang sally 2


Nashty Merkin


Over ANALized




Penis Fly Crap


Pork Me Now


Pro Bone Her


Random Manhole


Red Menace


Road Head

(Houston H3)



SOAP (Son of a Peach


Stiff Cock Diver


Straight as a Fucking Arrow

(DFW/Huzzah H3)

Tater Tits


The Other White meat


Three Knuckle Shuffle


Top Shelf

(Houston H3)

Wenis this Day, Our Daily Head

(Grapevine Quartel...)