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CWH3 Fountain of Beers 2022

11/11 07:42 AM

A CWH3 Pub Crawl

Cost: $50


BierBitch, Dude! Where's My Cunt?!, Sex Ray Tech, Read My Boobs, Father Tea Balls


Hola Wankers, CWH3 in combination with Duff H3 Bring you the long awaited return of the Fountain of Beers Pub Crawl through historic St. Augustine, Fl.

This will be a mixed weekend event as Friday night there will be a Drinking Practice hosted by CWH3. Saturday Pub Crawl will be a combination of Duff H3 and CWH#, and Sunday Fat Boy Brunch Trail hosted by CWH3. Friday and Sunday are both pay as you go.

For the $50 rego you will receive at least 4 bar stops, plus the option of at least 2 bonus stops!
You will be officially registered once payment has been sent to https://www.venmo.com/u/jimmy-allen-9

We are working on a Hash Hotel. Once we have that finalized we will send out the information along with group code.

7 Deadly/Naughty Sins

Start Location Details

We are starting at the Dog Rose Brewing Company

77 Bridge St, St. Augustine, FL 32084

Public Event

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23 Hashers cumming


Sex Ray Tech




Snorts When She Cums


Just James

(Jacksonville H3)

Selectively Swallows

Jacksonville H3

Fire N the Hole


Mrs Buttersquirtz


Rectal Roommate

Naked Pirate H3


Tampa Bay H3

Nasty Whore

Jacksonville H3



Dances With Dildos


Read My Boobs


Unleash the Clotten

Southeast Xtra Hash House Harriers

Fucking BYOB


Sparky Sole Patch


All Taintz Matter - ATM

Jacksonville H3

Five bucks, she falls off the cooler

Suwannee valley resort hash house harriers


Conquistawhore/Duff H3


Brevard Hash House Harriers

Flying Saucers


Oompa Lumpa Sasquatch


Lady GagGag

Naked Pirate H3