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CVH3 4th Anal Campout 2020

04/24 05:00 PM to 04/26 01:30 PM

A CVH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $80*

Yes, Chattahoochee Valley H3 will have its 4th anal campout on the last weekend in April, the 24-26, at Uchee Creek Campground. We will be officially unveiling the new CVH3 logo and more at this event!

The current plans are (but subject to change):
Beer games/Beer Mile
Shooting Star ABC Trail (Anything But Clothing)

Grab & Go Breakfast
Slosh Ball
Pub Crawl in downtown Columbus*
*(You can bring money for more drinks and food to buy while out. There will be a night event for the hashers who do not attend)

Grab & Go Breakfast
Hang over trail at Flat Rock Park in Columbus, GA

Stuff to Bring:
Stuff that humans camp with like tents, camp chair, bug spray, flesh-lights, sunscreen, bug spray, tarps, all your hashy best for the pub crawl (i.e. Happis, vesels, clothing with hash logos, hash socks), bug spray, shower stuff to wash yo self. These are primitive camp sites (not electricity or water at each site) but there is a water station near the sites we use and REAL toilets and showers are close by.
Your doggos are allowed, must be on a leash at all times, no leads, and you do have to clean up after them. This is near muggles, and muggles can be camping in the same area as us, just to be aware, you will have to wear clothes.
Dignity, Drama, or Kids.

The Anal Campout team is working hard to decide on things that will benefit this campout, so if you are even THINKING about cumming and joining us then go ahead and RSVP for this event.
Price will be $69, which includes all the beer you can drink and all of the above and gimmies!

Fastest Option: you may also pay direct via PayPal using the "Friends and Family" option, sending to: ChattValleyHash@yahoo.com

$69 till 1 March
$80 2 March to 23 April
Limited RV spots, email misman and get one now!
PLEASE let us know if you will be camping solo or if you have a tent roomie.
*If you are tent camping and would like someone specific as your neighbor we'll need to know as well. *No refunds after 1 April 2020, so plan accordingly! *
After April 2 if you're not rego'd your gimmie may just be a fu@kin whistle and a red solo cup!

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18 Hashers cumming:

27 Kennels

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