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CQWH3 Fountain of Beers 2023

11/10 05:30 PM to 11/12 12:00 PM

A CQWH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $69


Sex Ray Tech and Dude! Where’s My Cunt

We had so much fun last year..
We're doing it again!

Fountain of Beers 2023.
Veterans Day Weekend 11/10 - 11/12

Come to the Oldest City and join us for a good time!

Friday trail and dinner, Saturday Pub Crawl, Sunday choose your own adventure!

There are some accommodations at the Hares House, you can throw a tent in the back yard, split an AirBnB with friends. Hotels abound and are close by.

Cashapp $MBS032019
Venmo @Mairiailis-Sinclair

Payment Deadline 10/27/2023
After this date, price increases to $75
No refunds after 11/1/2023

Special arrangements - reach out to Sex Ray

ABC - Anything But Clothes

ID, cash, ALL the things one brings to a hash

Start Location Details

St Augustine, FL

Start Location TBA

Schedule of Events

5:30 pm Show
6:15 pm Hares away

On - After will be at Sex Rays house

Closing circle, followed by dinner, drinks and a fire.
Bring chairs.
If you have shots you want to make and share- bring ‘em!
Beer will be provided.

Pub Crawl

Meet at 12:30 pm - Location TBD
HARES away at 1-ish something
Ending Circle and On After - TBD

Your hares will lead you on a trail through lovely downtown St Augustine. There will be 5 stops - with a surprise or 2 along the way.

Yes… food will happen at some point. We are working on that and will keep you updated.

Be creative with your costumes-
We want you to show up and show out!

Nips and Bits MUST be covered.

Make sure to bring a vessel, St Augustine does NOT allow strolling through the streets with alcoholic beverage containers.

There are usually plenty of Ubers available. Use them! Carpool, have a driver. Be smart.

Choose your own adventure!

Sleep in, meet up, plan a Sunday trail, go to the beach, drink more, stay an extra night or GFTO - it’s up to you.

There will probably.. possibly.. maybe, more than likely be brunch at Sex Rays.

Public Event

See the full list!

33 Hashers came


Jaws Fisteen

Savannah Hash House Harriers
Ride the Shark!!

HR Cuff n Stuff


Lady GagGag

Naked Pirate H3

Farm to Table

Savannah Hash House Harriers
Birmingham RDR 2020

Let Them Eat Ass!

Wandering Whore H3
B/C why eat cake when ...

Palatka Prom Princess




Lieutenant Dayumn

Savannah Hash House Harriers


Tampa Bay H3
Let’s go on an adventure

Whore With No Name

Wandering Whore Hash House Harriers

Stretch Ass Strong


O Face Mountain

Tampa Bay H3

Helen Smeller


Fecal Fucker

Daytona Beach H3
FeFu aka Oompa Lumpa S...

Rectal Roommate


Cuddles ‘n Cream

Hurricane Hash House Harriers



Ménage À Neuf

CampBacon H3
I’m a virgin....

Just cay


Flying Saucers


Peas on my face

Tampa Bay H3



Sex Ray Tech

Savannah Hash House Harriers

Like A Surgeon


Captain Cuddle


Ping Pong Penis Paddler

Tampa Bay H3
Who? Me?

Wrecked By Ralph

Savannah Hash House Harriers

Butt Hare

Jax Beach H3

Porks Me Gentiley

Jacksonville H3

Fire N the Hole