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Colorado Skash 2019

03/01 04:00 PM to 03/03 10:00 AM

A Skash event

Cost: $94

Wankers! The second Anal Colorado Snowboard/Ski Hash, is March 1st - 3rd, 2019! We're returning to the Rabbit Ears Hotel in Steamboat Springs for another round of Pickled Cleavage Tossing, nekkid hot springs, and other various and sundry debauchery and shenanigans we deem appropriate.

It's rumored that somebody more reliable than that terrible Slut will be taking the less adventurous wankers out for an actual intermediate trail...Slut Machine still plans on getting in that backside and watching all the yardsales (I suppose we bring skiers along for a reason!) and tomahawking you choose to provide!

wHere: Steamboat Springs, CO (Steamboat Ski resort is on the Ikon Pass get one or snuggle up with a buddy to scam their friends/family/one-night-stand discounts). Call Rabbit Ears Motel at (970) 879-1150 to reserve your room; tell them you are part of the Colorado SKASH for a 10% discount. Also, please try and reserve rooms in the "upper main building" to cushion the meeting (paaaar-tay) room from muggles.

wHat: Snowboarding/skiing, drinking, games, SHOTSKIs! SHOTSKIs! SHOTSKIs!, nudity and soaking, some amazing food provided by the Sticky Pages and Tiny Penguin Load, et al...and some other shit, for sure.

wHen: First weekend of March 2019 - the 1st through the 3rd!

wHy: Really? Reeeeallly?

How much: $94 for rego. If you want to do nekkid hot springs, it is an additional $45.

What does Rego include?
Beer & Cider for the weekend
Snacks for the weekend
Lunch and Dinner on Saturday (Rabbit Ears Motel has continental breakfast.)
Your own customized Bathrobe for the Hot Springs
Skash Patch
Private Party Room (this is NOT available as crash space, just for parties)

What does the additional $45 for the Hot Springs includes?
Chauffeured ride to Strawberry Hot Springs
Admittance into Strawberry Hot Springs (where clothing is optional)
Bottled Water & Lockers (a.k.a. trash bags)
Chauffeured ride back to Rabbit Ears Motel
Please bring a tip for your chauffeur if you are able.

Pay for rego, use PayPal, SEND TO FRIENDS/FAMILY, to moonscouts@gmail.com. Please ONLY mark your rego here as paid if you really have paid! Include your hash name with your rego. For just the Skash, pay $94. For Skash and Hot Springs, pay $139 (you are encouraged to add an additional $5 for tip to our Hot Springs van driver).

Yours truly,

CO Road Whores + a Slut

Location Details

Steamboat Springs, CO

201 Lincoln Ave, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

Rabbit Ears Motel

Call Rabbit Ears Motel at (970) 879-1150 to reserve your room; tell them you are part of the Colorado SKASH for a 10% discount. Also, please try and reserve rooms in the "upper main building" first to cushion the meeting (paaaar-tay) room from muggles.

201 Lincoln Ave, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

Schedule of Events

3:00 pm to whenever - Check In & Arrival
3:01 pm to 9:00 pm - Get your own dinner!
9:00 pm - Onesie/Pajama Welcome Party!

9:00 am - Ski/Snowboard! (We are looking for a hare for a beginner/intermediate trail for the morning. Contact Tiny Penguin Load or Sticky Pages if you are interested.)
11:45 am to 12:45 pm - Lunch served at the free shuttle parking lot (Meadows lot). Take shuttles from the gondola square to Meadows lot.
2:00 pm - SKASH trail hared by Slut Machine (deets to come) and Fat Boy trail hared by TPL & SP for non-Mountain peeps. (Will need to buy admittance to Hot Springs, approx $15 - $20).
6:00 pm - Dinner
7:00 pm - Circle
9:00 pm - Hot Springs!

Go. Home. Or whatever you want. You pick.

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