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Colorado Invihash 2018

08/31 04:00 PM

A Hash Weekend

Cost: $129*


                                        Wait-List is Open

Welcome Welcome Welcome to Colorado Invihash 2018

A hangover like this is only allowed every 2 years.


Cum join the Colorado Hash House Harriers for a debaucherous Labor Day weekend as we celebrate the 18th bi-anal Colorado Invihash at an Adventure Park!

Lodging will be a combination of tiny houses, yurts, RV parking, and camping, in honor of Colorado dirt bags. Each tiny house has a half bath, a full kitchen, and a gas grill; yurts have a gas grill. If you’re in a yurt or camping, and you feel the need to be clean, there are two bath houses on either side of the lodging area.

Located a mere hour from Denver right off I-70, Lawson Adventure Park is situated on a 40-acre plot of land, and as the name implies, has an Adventure Park! Ropes course, climbing wall, bungee tramp, mechanical bull and more! All are available to hashers (you have to register separately). Once the Park closes, the entire place is ours! We’ve spoken in depth with the owners, and they know exactly what we’re about, and they are very excited to host this event. Drunkeness? YES, Nudity? YES! Hot tub? YES! Running drunk and naked through a genuine ghost town? FUCK YES! (Safety third)

For those of you looking to gain some vert, the park backs up to Saxon Mountain, and miles of BLM land, so ball-buster trails should be interesting. For those of you in the never-leave camp crowd, there’s plenty of trails near enough camp that you can be in the woods one minute and filling up your beer the next.

There will be a welcome trail on Friday, 4 trails each on Sat & Sun (Zippy, Turkey, Eagle, & Ball Buster), and a change of mismanagement trail on Monday.

Rego Prices:
Tier 1 (30) - $89.69 SOLD OUT
Tier 2 (30) - $119 SOLD OUT
Tier 3 (40) - $129 SOLD OUT
Wait List Only

Your Rego Price Tier will only be held for one week if payment is not made at time of rego

CO InviHash - Safety Third Zip Up Hoodie - $35

Rego prices include:
• Booze (including cider for those touchy stomach types)
• Food – Lunch & Dinner each day
• Swag – Something awesome, stay tuned
• Trails – Trails for adventure types
• Altitude – Camp is at 7,775’
• Something barely legal

Lodging @ Lawson Adventure Park
• Tiny houses – sleep 4 (queen bed, pull out couch) @ $195/night
• 2-bedroom tiny house – sleeps 7 (1 queen, 1 queen/single bunk, pull out couch) $296/night
• Yurts – (sleep 4) @ $110/night
• RV spots – hookup $51/night, non-hookup $34 /night
• Camping – undetermined number of spots - $25/night

To book lodging, call 855-372-7238 and tell them that you're with the hasher group. Booking will need to be done on your own. There are only 100 spaces to put your drunken head, so we need to book the entire place. Grab a couple of your closest friends, and book an entire yurt or cabin (there's a stupid fee if we tried to do it individually instead of booking the cabin or yurt). If you are without friends, post on the facebook page, and we'll help the lost misfits find roomies.


The payment part of this has been a little wonky. If it gives you trouble, send monies to COInvihash18@gmail.com, and we'll manually update your rego. Please add your Nerd Name in the notes section, so we can make sure to update the correct rego. Also, make sure that you're sending to Friends/Family (not as a service) to avoid the PayPal Service account.

Any questions/problems, contact 2x1 @ twogaysocksonecowboyhat@gmail.com

Location Details

Lawson Adventure Park

3440 Alvarado Rd, Dumont, CO 80436

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