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CLH3 Campout 2022

09/30 06:00 PM to 10/02 11:30 AM

A CLH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $129*

We're taking over Balneario Las Palmas resort in Baja Mexico! Time to get ShipWRECKED in Mexico!

Included with your rego:
- Space to pitch your tent
- A pool to hang out in/by
- Unlimited alcoholic libations (and potable water, of course)
- Rad trails in Mexico
- Beautiful La Mision beach time on the Pacific Ocean (did somebody say fresh coconuts?!)
- Four meals cooked for you and snacks
- Music and dancing
- Games and fun activities
- Great giveaways
- Shenanigans with the wild and crazy California Larrikins!

Pay attention to rego options! Discounted rego price of $109 is now in limited supply, so don't wait! Click the drop-down to select the price level because HashRego is weird like your GM.
*Note: You are not considered registered UNTIL YOU HAVE PAID. Don't lose your discount rego to the next person by failing to send payment.

Pay your rego via CashApp to $CLH3Cash. There will be a link on the rego confirmation page, but CashApp integration is janky (the cost of directing all the money toward beer and not processing fees). Include your hash name and "campout" in the note. We cannot offer refunds, but transfers are cool.

There is parking at the venue, but we recommend you carpool or join the hash bus. (The border wait back Sunday can be brutal if you don't have a Sentri pass.) An additional option is a taxi or ride share for $30-40 from the San Ysidro border. Rego for the busses: https://hashrego.com/events/clh3-bus-to-campout-2022

Once registered, join our Larrikins campout Facebook group to receive updates. https://www.facebook.com/groups/529241062253419

Quick guide for attendees: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XJQSsCqYAxoAUtAdbFl0M4HMeryfy9fOeB5FiRIRXGk/edit?usp=sharing

If you have questions and/or are a visitor from outside San Diego visiting and in need of any assistance, please feel free to contact Don't Ask Don't Spoon to help you out.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lea.christine.3
Email: leacbrown@gmail.com

ShipWRECKED! Start planning your pirate, wench, sailor, captain, mermaid, exotic exiled creature, cargo cult, tricru or lost soul outfits for a party fit for Gilligan! Have fun and get creative.

Passport (if you don't have one now, act VERY FAST to expedite it). Tent and sleeping bag. Vessel for drinks (or you can buy one from our hab). Sunscreen. Sentri or Global Entry card if you have one. Mexican Pesos or US small bills (like you'd bring to the strip club). Just enough clothes for the border crossing. Hash gear if you're doing trail.

Location Details

We are chartering a bus or 2 (rego separate from event) to drive down from San Diego Old Town Station. Driving and parking in Mexico can be a drag (or more excitement than one might want on a fun drunken escape), so don't drive if you can avoid it.

Balneario Las Palmas, Carre. Libre Tijuana Km. 64 1/2, 22710 La Misión, B.C., Mexico

Camping and cabins

If you hate camping and you have the money, there are 4 cabins that we will be auctioning off. Each cabin sleeps 4, has a toilet and shower and balcony, but is otherwise very rustic.

Or you can camp in the main camping area with your friends and be there when fun stuff goes down.

Schedule of Events

If you reserved a spot on the bus, take the bus from Old Town to the MX border, cross the border, and continue on the bus to Las Palmas,

If you can't do the bus, find your way to the border, cross, and continue to Las Palmas (a taxi is $30-40).

Kegs will be tapped as people arrive. There will be dinner and the usual evening revelry, and a Midnight Naked Run!

More details to come!

  • Breakfast

  • Hash trail and/or beach
    >>Optional: Bring cash (small bills!) for additional drinks and snacks

  • Pool time, games, snacks

  • Dinner

  • Dance party!

More details to come!

  • Breakfast

  • Hangover trail

  • Closing circle

  • Load busses (or call your taxi) and GTFO

  • Head to US/MX border

  • Cross border, go home (or on to the On After options -- info to come)

More details to come!

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