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CLH3 California Larrikins Mexico Campout 2024

07/26 12:00 PM to 07/28 05:00 PM

A CLH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $129*

Registration is open! We're going back to the happiest place on earth: Baja California Mexico! Registration opened on 1/1/2024 and is now at the bargain price of $129. Payments can be made via CashApp to $CLH3Cash. Please put your hash name in the comments. The rego price will change over time. If you want a ride down to campout on the party bus, that is a separate rego for $60 and you sign up here: https://hashrego.com/events/clh3-california-larrikins-mexico-campout-bus-2024

Campout prices:
$119 after 04/01/24
$129 after 06/01/24

Cum y Con: A Comic Cumvention!

Pack your party capes and sunscreen, because this summer's hash extravaganza awaits in Mexico at Larrikins Cum y Con Campout - where sun, sex, shots and superheroes collide in a legendary weekend of epic proportions.
Imagine Comic-Con met a drunken black’s beach bash, and they decided to throw the wildest fiesta south of the border. Picture Spider-Man shotgunning beers next to Wonder Woman mixing cocktails, while Iron Man tries to break a pinata and Catwoman is…doing something to Jessica Rabbit. There will be Olympdicks worthy of an Avengers showdown and a dance party wetter/hotter than Aqua Man.
Break out your best cosplay, because we’re turning Balneario Las Palmas into our own Comic-Con rave. But it's not just about the costumes; it's about the beer flowing like the Justice League's teamwork and the party vibe reaching levels higher than Thor's hammer. So, dust off your favorite cosplay, grab your condoms and sunscreen (because even superheroes need protection), and join us for a weekend of debauchery, laughter, and more tequila shots than there are stars in the Marvel universe. This will be a party that makes even Tony Stark jealous.
Get ready for a weekend where the only thing setting at sunset is the sun, and the only thing rising at sunrise is Weird Al’s Boner. Spoiler alert: this is an event you won't want to miss, and the memories will be more legendary than Inspector Gadget’s utility belt. See you there, fellow hashers!

Cum y Con: A Comic Cumvention

Tent (if not in cabin), Sleeping bag and pad (if not in cabin), Bed linens (if in cabin), Hapi coat (if you have one), Personal patches (if you have them), Drinking vessel, $30-40 in small bills (singles like for the strip club), Trail clothes (if doing trail), Towel (the most useful object in the universe), Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, condoms, lube, soap and shampoo in case you shower), Sun Block (cause you white),Sarong or other thing to keep warm at night, Swimsuit (for the beach, not needed at camp), Flip-flops (or other pool/shower footwear), Snacks if you have a food allergy (we’re doing our best but we’re not perfect), Clothes for return journey

Start Location Details

Schedule of Events

2pm - Nekked Party Bus leaves from Old Town
4pm - Camp Arrival, find a spot, setup tents
4pm - Liquor and Cans "tapped" at gazebo
6pm - Prep your Tent2Tent!
6:30pm - Dinner is served!
8pm - Patch Whore "Hour of Power" at pool
9pm - Tent2Tent (1st place prize - 1 free rego '25)
12am - Midnight Naked Cape R*n

8-9am - Breakfast is served at gazebo
8:30am - Ball Buster Pack away
9:30am - Turkey/Eagle Pack away
11am - Beach time/coconut stands/bareback horse riding/shady air glider rides
2pm - Return to Camp for Erections/Olympdicks/Pool time/Debauchery
3pm - Circle & Erections at pool
4pm - Hash Olympdicks at basketball court (1st place prize - 1 free rego '25)
7pm - Haberdasher tables set up (buy all the things you never knew you needed!)
8pm - Dinner is served
9pm - Band/DJ Pants off Dance off

8am - Grab & Go breakfast bags
9am - Hangover Trail/Kilted Beer Yoga
11am - Closing Circle by new mismanagement
12pm - Pack up/clean up/load bus
1pm - Bus departs for Old Town (GTFO)
2:30pm - TJ Tacos in your mouth
5pm - Hash Bus arrive in Old Town

Bonus day for those who don't have to go to work
All Day: Explore Sunny San Diego!
6:30pm: CLH3 Trail hared by new MM

Accommodations and hash crash can be arranged.

Teams of 4:
-Corn Hole
-Ladder Toss
-Flip Cup
-Beer Pong
-Del Mar Derby Beer Mile Relay
-Hungry Hungry Hashers
-Peso Drop
-Clothing Swap Race
-Sex Position Wrestling

Public Event

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