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CLH3 CA Larrikins goes out of this world for Campout: Area 69 2023

08/04 12:30 PM to 08/06 12:40 PM

A CLH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $119*



California Larrikins goes out of this world! Area 69: Aliens and UFhOs is the theme (Cum get your butt probed). 4-6AUG23

You asked for it and Larrikins is delivering! We have pushed up campout for more appropriate poolside weather to have an out of this country experience down in ole Mexico. “You boys like Mexico?! Yeeeeee-hooooo!!” We are going to Area 69 AKA Las Palmas where the beer flows like water, the food blows minds (and sometimes loads) and the beach sand will creep into places you’ve never dreamt of!

So “take us to your leader” and show us your best alien invaded settlement while we get teleported into the next mismanaged hash!

To make things even more out of this world we will be having mind-bending alien themed tent-to-tent Friday night with prizes for best tent, Olympdicks Saturday with team prizes, and a big-ass bonfire to signal our future rulers that we’re on their side! Stay tuned for more details!!

REGOs have a tiered price to incentivize you lovely half-minds to commit early to save some cash:
First 20 REGO: $109 - SOLD OUT
REGOs 21-40: $119
REGOs 41 and up: $129

Payment will be via cash app to: $CLH3cash

Once you REGO join our Facebook group to get all the 4-1-1 on who’s cumming, logistics, and naked party bus info!

Area 69/out of this world/probes

Camping gear/costumes/vessels. There will be cabins up for auction so if you don't want to schlep all your gear south of the border stay tuned for when they go up for bidding.

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22 Hashers cumming


Haley’s Cockit


Kilt Whisperer


Salt Lick


Missionary Impossible


Weird Al Spankabitch

California Larrikins
Former travel whore

Floppy Dicks




Spongy Ding Dong

California Larrikins

Meso Herny


Please put your balls in the upright position


Space Invader


Fart Alarm


Dicks Porking Goods

California Larrikins

O-Limp-Dick Gold


Monsoon Poon


Bloody In Tents


Odds are yes!


Just Tyler


Coppertone Bone

San Diego Hash House Harriers

Whore Door


Eat My Cherry Pie