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CLH3 Bus to Campout 2022

09/30 01:30 PM

A Bus transport event hosted by CLH3

Cost: $60

Because driving down to Mexico is stressful, we arranged for a bus to take us all down to Larrikins Campout and back again! This means more time socializing with your friends and no need to drive home on the wicked hangover you're definitely getting. There is ample safe parking at Old Town Station near the bus pickup. If you can't do GPS coordinates for navigation, try "Telegraph Plaza, San Diego, CA".

We will have one bus departing in the early afternoon. The schedule is below.

Payment is through CashApp if you can ($CLH3Cash), just include your hash name and "campout bus" in the note. If CashApp won't work for you, contact the organizers for an alternative payment option.

Prepare and print out your Mexico Tourist Card ahead of time to speed up border crossing! https://www.mexicotouristcard.com/

Passport (card is fine), Global Entry or Sentri card if you have it, your Mexico Tourist Card, all your gear for Larrikins Campout.

Start Location Details

San Diego Old Town Station parking lot, access off Pacific Highway.

32.754026, -117.199874

Schedule of Events

1:30pm: Be at Old Town Station parking lot with your passport and all your camping stuff.
2:00pm: Bus departs Old Town Station for Mexico
3:00pm (estimated): Unload and cross border on foot, reload bus on MX side.
5:00pm (estimated): Bus arrives at campout

11:00am: Bus departs campout
12:30 (estimated): Stop for lunch on MX side of the border
1:30pm (estimated): Unload and cross border on foot, reload on US side
3:30pm (estimated): Finish readmission to US
4:30pm (estimated): Arrive at Old Town Station

Border crossing back to the US is highly variable and takes much longer without Global Entry or Sentri!

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