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I-Feel Tower


Growing up is a part of drinking.

ChainGang Chain Gang Hash: Inaugural Ride!

03/25 01:00 PM

A ChainGang Trail

Cost: $25


I-Feel Tower, I am 17 Cumming on 18, Choo Choo Cabra, Banana, Top Shelf Tuna, and 2nd Cumming




We can't wait to bring you a bike hash! The basics: we'll meet monthly, Saturdays closest to the New Moon, and gather at 1pm at a brewery in or near Richmond VA. What could go wrong?

First trail is $25 if you want a T shirt (we only have 3 female cotton shirts in S, M, and L) or $15 without the shirt. Patches, stickers, and event tags will be included in your rego fee. 50% of the profits of this inaugural will go to Prison Fellowship: https://www.prisonfellowship.org

Special note for this trail: come to the brewery at noon if you want to pre-lube. We will start at 1 sharp out back in the gravel lot with a safety briefing. Not hash time.

Special note for ALL trails. We have adopted some safety guidelines. Please read these:
Emotional Safety

This kennel has a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment. Do not touch anyone without capable, ongoing, enthusiastic consent – this means “no” is assumed until a verbal “yes” is given. (Do you want to touch someone? Ask!)

If you experience a situation that makes you uncomfortable, please immediately address it with the person, unless you feel you are in imminent physical danger.

If you are, or if it happens again (to you or anyone else!), come directly to mismanagement. That person will not be welcome back at our kennel. Our goal is to create an environment where all hashers can be safe from unwanted touching, violence, or harassment.

Bike Safety

1 The most important thing to remember is that, statistically, most bike fatalities are the fault of cars. The number one thing to do is stay sober enough to stay alert to keep yourself and your friends safe. If you show up inebriated, you will not be allowed to participate in trail.

2 Communicate with others. If you approach an intersection where a car is coming, it’s common to announce “car left” or “car right” to the people behind you. You don’t have to point out every car (there’s a lot of them), just ones that might cause a sketchy situation. If your bike breaks, it’s common to yell “mechanical” so people know you are having a problem.

3 There’s almost always safety in numbers. If you’re the cycling equivalent of a turkey, form a pack of turkeys (which I just looked up – apparently these are called a gang).

There are many opinions on the safest ways to bike on infrastructure designed for cars. There aren’t hard and fast rules. Here’s a few terms to be aware of:

Corking: In a large ride that doesn’t fit through one light cycle, sometimes riders will position themselves in the intersection to make sure the whole ride gets through. That whole “safety in numbers” thing.

Shoaling: In some circumstances, it might make sense for you to pass cars stopped at a light on the right and move up to the front of the lane. That makes sure you are visible.
Take the Lane: Sometimes when you ride too far to the right, a parked car will open their door, knocking you off your bike – which can seriously injure you. The threat of “getting doored” is why cyclists take the whole lane. You are allowed to, this is safe and legal!


Don’t touch others without their permission.
While on a bike: stay alert, communicate, and stay together!

On on!
I-Feel Tower GM
I Am 17 Coming on 18 RA
Banana RA
2nd Cumming Hash Cash
Top Shelf Tuna Safety Captain
Choo Choo Cabra Ambassador of Pain
and yours truly, I-Feel Tower GM

Start Location Details

Park in the gravel lot behind Strangeways Brewery

2277A Dabney Rd Richmond VA 23230

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