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CH3 Charlotte H3’s BLUE BALL 2018

11/10 12:00 PM to 11/11 12:00 PM

A CH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $20*


BlowHole and Dunkin Blonuts

Last month we saved the boobies... this time we’re supporting cocks! Grab the hashiest BLUE ensemble you can find and join us for a “MUST HASH” shitshow of epic proportions!!! Be warned...THIS IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE DRESS RUN!

$15 gets you a keg of beer, a keg of cider, shitty trail with plenty more BEER, a hot meal, awesome gimme, continental breakfast and camping space! (Limited indoor crash space available, first paid gets first dibs).

BE SURE TO PAY EARLY... $20 if paid day of event.

Must Hash!

Stunt liver, best BLUE outfit, dry bag, flashlight, tent, sleeping bag, air mattress, low standards, massive thirst, whistle, warm socks, and good attitude!

Location Details

Dunkin Blonutsville

1106 Mineral Springs Road, Charlotte, NC 28262


Dunkin Blonuts has a bunch of land we can use and put up tents. Limited space inside... first paid gets first dibs.

It’ll be chilly... but warm socks, a good sleeping bag and a fuck buddy will keep you warm. We’ll have a bonfire too.

1106 Mineral Springs Road, Charlotte NC 28262

Schedule of Events

Prelube hosted by SMUSHHH - Blue Ball Brewery Crawl
(Grab crash space with your favorite vagina... $15 only covers Saturday)

Starts at Johnny Dollars- 3920 S Tryon- Charlotte
7:30 BRING YOUR ID and $$ for your own bar tab(s)!

Theme: Well balls obviously, but let’s also support/ show off our home kennels and everyone rock their Happi’s and Kilts!!

SUPPORT THE BALLS!!!! Our sister kennel Charlotte H3’s Blue Ball 2018 event is Saturday, but we alllllll know SMUSHHH loves balls too, so we decided to help y’all get nice and lubed up before Saturday!! Join us for a brewery crawl around Southend/anywhere on the light rail we feel like going.

IF YOU GOT THEM: bring your low expectations, your party tit, a spare liver, an ID, extra cash, your happie, your kilt and all the love for the testes!!!

NOON- show up, set up camp
1pm- kegs tapped, Rego open
After Trail- Hot Dinner (be sure to notify us of dietary restrictions)
After dinner- ON AFTER, let’s float those kegs!

*all times are Hash-Standard and subject to change... more details to cum!

9am- coffee & continental breakfast
12pm- GTFO!

Public Event

17 Hashers came:


Charlotte Hash House Harriers

Da Udder White Meat

Charlotte Hash House Harriers

Doesn't Validate Parking in the Tong Tong Tong

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I'll take two!

Farm to Table

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Papa Dont Skeet

Charlotte Hash House Harriers

Sex Practice Friend

Tidewater H3
Will hash 4 food

Sheep Next 2 Me

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It's only fun if it's ...

Spaghetti with a Chance of Blue Balls

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Texass Facial

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Party like a Rockstar

Areola 151


Cum N Go




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I say I say I say, I see you masturbating


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