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CFPh3 (Canceled) TAHHH Mink Campout Glamour Tents 2020

12/31 04:00 PM to 01/01 10:00 AM

A CFPh3 Hash Campout

Cost: $189

Glamour tent reservations only, please visit the kennels page for event rego.

Welcome to Camp Fancy Pants!!!!

Home of the H3 camp events Glamour Tent Rentals.

Simply Arrive, Party, Drop, Repeat, Leave!!!!

We handle all the daunting tasks of owning, hauling, setup, tear down and cleanup of your very own luxury camp gear. Imagine all the extra time you'll have to enjoy that sweet, sweet camp nectar and wholesome shenanigans. 11 out of 10 wankers agree that tearing down camp after a weekend bender, simply blows.... Let us deal with the "mess" left behind.

Visit for full details on what all is included- https://m.facebook.com/CampFancyPants/

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