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CFH3 Keg Island Campout 2022

06/24 12:00 PM to 06/26 12:00 PM

A CFH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $30

This year CFH3 is putting on the same awesome event, at a brand new island! Thanks to global warming, erosion and higher tides, we are moving from Keg Island to Pelican Island for sandy beaches, more luscious shade, 2-times the fire pits, and a lot less swamp. It's the same distance paddle, just the other direction.

Due to the island's small size we must sadly limit how many can attend this event. As such, everyone who signs up will be initially placed on the wait list. Hashers will be moved off the wait list in the order they signed up with respect to the following categories: CFH3 hashers who have hashed in the past year first, non-CFH3 hashers who have attended a CFH3 event in the past year second, all else third. Hash Cash is due no later than Friday, June 10 @ 11:59pm.

What you get:

Private island for you and your hashy friends, shenanigans, insects, cool give-away, drinking water, meals on Saturday, breakfast Sunday, a toilet bucket. Cape Fear will be supplying a good amount of beer, but since you are all lushes be sure to bring your own beverages as well!

Parking: River Road Park has changed its parking layout drastically. Stay tuned for parking options.

How to get there:

Paddle you own kayak, canoe or raft with all your gear. Or borrow or rent one from a fellow hasher. Or rent a kayak from somewhere else local for you and your gear. Or bribe a local fisherman to take you over. Or figure out something else for you and your gear. MisManagement will have a boat take equipment over to the island, but MisManagement wants to get drunk, too – so paddle your own a$$ over to the island! (Seriously – it’s an easy paddle. Put your crap in a drybag to keep it safe and paddle yourself over to the island. Great exercise, you’ll be out in the sun, dolphins will be swimming along with you, etc.)

Stuff to Bring:

A kayak, canoe, SUP, jonboat, raft, jetski, hovercraft, or some way of getting yourself and your stuff over to Pelican Island; extra beverages of choice (beer, wine, booze); snack food; tent, hammock, or something to sleep on or in; bug spray; sun screen; swim suit; cigarettes, condoms, or other survival supplies you need.

No dogs will be allowed on the island!

Start Location Details

River Road Park, Wilmington, NC. Overnight parking is very limited. consider carpooling.

6500 River Rd, Wilmington, NC 28412

Schedule of Events

Paddle over anytime after noon.
Bring your own supper.
Drink hash beer.
Wave at container ships going by.
Don't drown.

Breakfast at 8:00ish.
Water sports.
Drink more beer.
Lunch at noon-ish.
More water sports.

Kayak paddle trail 2:00-ish.
Consume beverages.
Supper at 6:00-ish.
Wave at more container ships.
Shooting Star trail at dusk.
Don't drown or set fire to the island.

Breakfast whenever you stumble out of your tent.
Clean up - we were never here!
Pack your shit up & paddle it home.
Regret everything and nothing all at the same time.

Public Event

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24 Hashers came


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