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CFH3 300th Hash 2019

09/14 01:00 PM to 09/15 12:00 PM

A CFH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $20


Cum celebrate the 300 trails of Cape Fear H3 with a shitty trail, cookout, and camping by the river!

What you get:
Beer (keg + can options)
Awesome commemorative 300th give-away
Burgers, dogs, wings, portobellos, corn-on-the-cob, side dishes, desserts
Camping in the shade by the Cape Fear River
Flush toilets and hot showers
Access to the ocean across the street

How much:

Rulez so we don’t get kicked out:
1. No disturbing the muggles over in the RV or cottage areas. They may or may not be able to see & hear our area so be aware of your surroundings.
2. No fireworks, radios, loudspeakers, or other loud things.
3. Dogs must be leashed/tethered while in the camping area.
4. Trash must be taken to the adjacent dumpster - we’re hashers, not trashers.
5. No fires or wood burning (the camp area has grills and MisMan will have grills).
6. “Quiet hours” are 11p to 7a - we can have beer & have fun, but we can’t be complete assholes even though we have our own area.

Things to know:
1. There are no electrical outlets in the camping area.
2. You can park right next to the camping area, but not drive into the camping area.
3. This is a tent camping area. No campers or RV's. There are some trees that can accommodate hammocks; first-come-first-served.
4. Cum early to set up your tent before trail.
5. Bug spray is a good idea because mosquitoes.
6. There are showers and indoor bathroom facilities available, but keep them nice.
7. Cut-off date to rego & pay for give-aways is Sept 6.

300 - “Madness? THIS IS HASHING!”

Start Location Details

Fort Fisher Air Force Recreation Area - Group Camping Area

118 Riverfront Rd. Kure Beach, NC, 28449

Schedule of Events

1pm = start setting up camp, ya early-bird wankers
2pm = gather for trail
2:30pm = hares away
4:30pm = circle
6pm = dinner
7pm-??? = shenanigans

8am = Breakfast
9am = Find your stuff, drink away your hangover, regret the shenanigans, pack your shit up, puke if necessary, swim in the ocean, continue packing & drinking
Noon = GTFO

Public Event

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