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CFH3 400th Trail 2022

02/05 02:00 PM

A 400th Hash T-shirt Preorder event hosted by CFH3

Cost: $15

Cape Fear H3 has made it to 400 trails (give or take a few hurricanes, pandemics, etc.), and MisMan is celebrating with a NO HASH CASH shitty trail. Free Beer for all the Hashers!

However, while the beer is free you can pre-order a PERSONALIZED, glittery short-sleeve t-shirt to commemorate this milestone! If you would like a PERSONALIZED, glittery short-sleeve t-shirt YOU MUST PRE-ORDER one here for the low, low price of $15!

See the mock-up of the shirt design in the banner image above. Rego here = your shirt pre-order. Cum to trail on the 5th or not; we don't care as long as we have your shirt money. Hash cash is free for trail but the shirt is $15 and must be paid in advance.

If you do not pre-order and pay for your shirt before January 30, you don't get a one-of-a-kind PERSONALIZED, glittery short-sleeve t-shirt, and that would be lame. Don't be lame! Buy a shirt!

Start Location Details

Park behind/beside Staples where CFH3 has started numerous other shitty trails.

5613 Carolina Beach Rd, Wilmington, NC 28412

Public Event

See the full list!

19 Hashers cumming


Charlie Anal HMR


Sweet Beef Meat

Cape Fear H3

All Clit No Nip

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Cape Fear H3

Photo Spread

Cape Fear H3

Humpty Dumpty In My Cunty

Southern Pines Hash House Harriers

SpongeBath SquarePants


I-Feel Tower


Pijani Stalingrad

(NQR H3)

Pleases every tiny animal


Kant Fucky My Tucky

Downtown Wilmingon H3
It’s Finger lickin’ good

there’s a lot of cock in there

(Downtown Wilmingo...)

Nipples to Infinity

Osan Bulgogi Hash House Harriers

Dick Flick


Three Gays Grace

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Put it Black in me


Can I Get U Off?