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CCH3 Green (Beer) Mile

03/19 10:29 AM

A CCH3 Trail

Cost: $10


Lickity Splitz Down the pole, Verbal Diarrhea



CCH3 is hosting the GDR Beer Mile again. The last one was in 2019 in Baltimore but no better time than the present to bring it back!!!!!

Lickity Splitz and Verbal Diarrhea
PAL Park in Annapolis

Runners will pre-register. The hosts will bring 6 cans of a beer of your choosing ($10 or less). You prepare the beers in any way you need. Red cups? Cans? Bottles? It is up to you! You set the beers up in whatever way will help you not puke on them or anyone else to puke on them.
Your hosts will ensure all runners are ready at the same location.
When the run begins all runners drink their first beer. They run around the football field then drink another beer. There will be a total of 5 laps around the football field. Your last drink will be at the starting line!

Prizes for the:
Fastest runner
Running slowest trying not to puke runner
Most pukes
Emmy worthy puke

Cheer for your friends!! Cheer for your frienemies! Cheer for whatever you want!!! You attend for no cost. BYOB. We might have stuff left over from Friday night but no promises.

On after - Brunch, not sure of location yet

Pay with Friends and Family to Choosy Moms or bring $10 cash to an earlier CCH3 event

Start Location Details

PAL Park in Annapolis

Start Location TBA

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