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CCH3 ​Trail #263 - Breakfast Booby Trap Lays Baltimore!

09/16 10:00 AM

A CCH3 Trail

Cost: $10


Facial Profiling, Breakfast Booby Trap, Breakfast Booby Trap


WHAT: Trail #263 - Breakfast Booby Trap Lays Baltimore!

WHEN: Saturday September 16 @ 10 AM, pack away at 1020 AM. 

WHERE: Start location: 2616 Hudson Street Specifically: 39.281894, -76.579071 https://goo.gl/maps/1nFJyHpg9Xfpgoj48

CONTACT: Facial 202-568-1608Just Joseph 240-478-3224
HARES: Breakfast bOOby Trap, Just Joseph, Facial Profiling

NOTES: A-A'(breakfast). Shiggy level 0.69. Just bring yourselves and your virgins, trail is neither dog nor stroller friendly. 


BBTs breakfast brings all the hashers to B-more
And they're like her breakfast trail, it's better than yours
Damn right it's better than yours
You can join, but I have to charge

Breakfast Booby Trap knows how to get you to cum.... she traps you through food!
Come to the Rooftop Breakfast Booby BBQ hash at 10am for some breakfast delights, with treats, games, surprises, and the intrigues of co-hares Facial Profiling and Just Joesph.

This is a hash unlike any other! On out strictly at 1020a

On after at BBT's rooftop with some delicious smoked meats and other goodies. Please feel free to bring something to share or to put on the grill. 
Rego required, capped at 30 hashers.

90s Brunch

There can never be too much bubbly

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Breakfast Booby Trap


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There is no spoon.


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