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BTVHHH Burlington Invihash: AREA 69 2022

07/15 03:00 PM to 07/17 11:00 AM

A BTVHHH Hash Campout

Cost: $119*

Invihash 2022 is going to be out of this world…
Hidden deep within the Green Mountain of Vermont sits the highly secure secret research facility of the Burlington Hash House Harriers.
Here we are HARD at work answering the DEEPEST questions of the universe:
• How many hashers does it take to blast off?
• How many holes does a moonman?
• Can intelligent life comprehend Malort?
• Spacepants?
Lube up your anal probes, polish your antennae, and fuel up your phallic spacecraft.

Welcum to Area 69!

Your registration gets you a campsite, all the beer you can drink, meals, an Invihash 2022 tag, a giveaway, beer, a trail through the woods of Vermont, beer, an UGH near the woods of Vermont, beer, and a nice place in which to drink your beer.

For the safety of everyone and their pets, no animals are allowed this year at Invihash. Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable.

Invihash 2022 will be held at the Vermont Freedom Adult Campground in Greensboro Bend, Vermont. They offer:
• New POOL (to be confirmed...he's working on it...)
• Party barn
• Shower beer facilities
• Clothing Optional: No Pants? No problem!
• Bonfire pit (for Buttler to sleep in)

A lot of you probably have not visited the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont ("A place where you can be you. No questions asked. ") , so we encourage you to cum early or stay late and "get NEKed".

A few local attractions you might enjoy:
• BEER: Hill Farmstead Brewery is 13 minutes away. There are at least 10 breweries within a 30 minute drive. Get the Vermont Brewery Passport App. Maybe earn a coaster or something.
• Swimming: Cheever Falls, Lake Caspian
• Nude Beach: Lake Willoughby - Named by Yankee Magazine as one of the most beautiful lakes in New England. Nice even with your pants on.
• Hiking: Barr Hill Trail, Stannard Pond Peak, it's Vermont have a look around
• Mountain Biking: Craftsbury Outdoor Center & KIngdom Trails are both nearby
• Weird Shit: Museum of Everyday Life - This cannot be explained really. Well curated exhibits of prison shanks made from toothbrushes, knots, dust and more. 10 minutes away. Free. DO IT!
• Food: Smith's Grocery ("I Get My Shit There") with pizza down the road, more options in nearby Hardwick
• Not leaving your tent and debating the difference between hangover and withdrawal
• See GetNEKedVT.com for more ideas

Area 69

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43 Hashers cumming


Slips n Slides

(Ottawa h3)

Fucked If I Know

Burlington Hash House Harriers

Real Mother


Swedish Eagle

(Boston Ballbuster)

69 Sided Dice

Burlington Hash House Harriers





Shits Fucks Leaves

Denver Hash House Harriers

Rage Rocket Loves My Socket



(Boston H3)

Sperm Burpin’ Alien

(BH3VT )

Dead in the box



Ben Franklin Mob H3

Bishop to Butthole

(Von Tramp)

Blue balls matter






Willy Wanker & The Chocolate Factory


Penis Colada


Sketchy ho

(Boston H3)

Goat Throat




Cock Bottle


Doctor Blow

(Beantown City H3)

Eager Beaver


Salty CumPiss


One Drunk Hitchhiking

Raccoon H3
Self-appointed Mayor o...

The Tip is Out There

(Burlington Hash H...)

Flexible Video Endoscope

Burlington Hash House Harriers

Friar Fuck

(Seacoast H3)

Willy Wonka & the Backdoor Factory



(Boston H3)

Enter the Asshole


Cumboy Wonder

Ithaca Hash House Harriers
It's 106 miles to Chi...

Make That Noise


E = I'm A Douche

Eager 4 Beaver H3

Luva Lamp


Nurse RainBlow

Larryville Hash House Harriers


(Boston H3)

The Cocktease Falcon

Everyday Is Wednesday H3

Space Probe Inspector


Kunt Fu

Hudson Valley H3

Serial Lubist

Burlington Hash House Harriers