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Big Hump H3

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Big Hump H3

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08/23 03:00 PM to 08/25 11:00 AM

A BigHumpH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $125*

Big Hump Hash #1869 (NIIIIIICE!)

This year, we’re going back to Steelville, MO for another camping weekend/float trip at The Rafting Company! We will float down the Meramec River on Sat. 8/24. There will also be activities and other fun stuff all weekend (see daily tabs for full list of events & activities)! Check back often for this site to be updated.

Important Items:

--|-|-|-> PAYMENT: To avoid extra fees, complete this rego, then exit HashRego, go to PayPal or Venmo and send to either:

VENMO: @Big-Hump-H3
PAYPAL: gm@big-hump.com

--|-|-|-> PAYMENT TIMING: We must receive your payment within THREE DAYS of your rego, otherwise your rego will be deleted, and you will have to fill out another one (possibly at a higher cost). No exceptions.

--|-|-|-> FOOD/DRINK: BH4 is providing a plethora of food all weekend (dinner Friday, breakfast & dinner on Saturday, breakfast on Sunday), and also all the beer you can drink at the campground. But you must bring your own lunch while on the float trip/on the river, and you must provide your own booze for the float (NO GLASS!).
*We will do our best to accommodate food allergies/dietary restrictions noted in your rego, but cannot guarantee anything. Please consider bringing your own food if this is a concern. Feel free to reach out to the GMs to see what's on the menu closer to the event date.

--|-|-|-> NO NUDITY: We have a large semi-private camping area to ourselves, including a pavilion. But we do not have the entire campground to ourselves, and the path we will take to/from our sites will have muggles. So you MUST KEEP YOUR NAUGHTY BITS COVERED AT ALL TIMES, including ON THE RIVER. There are many families and children on the river.

--|-|-|-> NOT ALLOWED: Dogs or any animals, and anyone under 21 years old (including babies). No exceptions.

--|-|-|-> SAFETY: Besides all the other safety precautions, please know that anyone previously banned from BH4 will not be allowed to attend this event. No exceptions.

--|-|-|-> GIVEAWAYS: You are only guaranteed a giveaway if you rego before 8/2/24. You will still get something after that date, but it may not fit perfectly and/or be something totally different than what everyone else receives.

All times are subject to change depending on Mismanagement’s level of drunkenness combined with their decision making.

Stuff to Bring:
YOUR OWN FOOD/BOOZE FOR THE RIVER (no bottles), Tent, Lawn Chairs, Bug Spray, Sunblock... you know, camping shit.

Location Details

The Rafting Company

95 McCormick Rd, Steelville, MO 65565


We have a very large area of primitive campsites near the river at The Rafting Company. Bring your tent and plan to set it up next to other hashers.

If you'd prefer to have electric sites, RV sites, or a cabin, please call The Rafting Company and book those accommodations separately, upon availability, and in addition to the rego cost.

95 McCormick Rd, Steelville, MO 65565

95 McCormick Rd, Steelville, MO 65565

Schedule of Events

BEFORE YOU ENTER you must sign a Liability Waiver from the property owner, as well as our Consent Policy (READ THE FUCKING FORM, OR WE'LL SIC FATLINER ON YOU AGAIN).
3:00pm - Campground Open (do NOT arrive before 3:00pm), set up your tent.
3:00pm - BH4 Beer will accessible to all
7:00pm - Dinner
8:00pm - Trail? TBD
8:30pm - Flippy(Strippy) Cup//Thunderstruck/Dance Party/ETC
11:00pm - QUIET HOURS! You can still party, but loud music and shouting must stop. The campground does HAVE A BAR ONSITE, and you can also go there to continue partying.

8:00-10:00am - Light Breakfast (coffee, juice, muffins, granola bars, fruit, etc)
11:15am - Line up for bus!
11:30am - Board bus to river. You must be there on time or you will become a member of NLC. We will not wait for anyone.
12:00pm - Float Trip begins!
6:30pm (approx.) - Float Trip Ends. Return to Camp. Clean up, have sex in your tent, take a nap, etc.
8:00pm - Dinner
9:00pm - Dance Party!!
11:00pm - QUIET HOURS! You can still party, but loud music and shouting must stop. The campground does HAVE A BAR ONSITE, and you can also go there to continue partying.

8:00am - Light Breakfast/Finish the Beer
10:00am - Maybe Hangover Trail, but TBD/prob not
12:00-12:30 - Pack up your shit, Clean up your mess.
1:00pm - GTFO!

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