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BTVHHH Invihash: 69,000 Beers B.C. 2023

07/07 03:00 PM to 07/09 11:00 AM

A BTVHHH Hash Campout

Cost: $120*

Burlington InviHash campout has existed waaaay back since 2001. It has had many venues in Chittenden County and beyond thru the ages, but the undisputed crowd favorite for this event is Brewster River Campground in Jeffersonville, VT.

And this summer…. WE'RE CUMMING BACK, BABY!

What were you up to 69,000 beers ago? Seems like quite a while back….
Let’s see you all wrap your miniskool cave person brains around this theme…

• Will you choose The Neanderthals*, or Team Homo Erectus?
• Dinosaur Racing, or Ultimate Jug o’ Rocks challenge??
• How many shakes does it take to get to the center of a shakeweight made out of locally sourced stones???
• Will Quebecqueef finish carving his momentous Giant Wooden Dildo for the New and Improved Whore Rock in time????

Bring all your camping equipment, raging thirst, and VIRGINS! Previous InviHash virgins from last year will sacrifice the noobs…. The Circle of Life must continue

In addition to super dope stone-age hab, some kind of Paleolithic gimme, and wicked awesome Primitive Drunk Yoga, all this will be included w/ your rego fee:

EPIC opening ceremony that will reveal & explain the True Origin of Hashing! Beer! UGH-Lympics!! More Beer! Keep Hashing Stupid Again!!! Beer upon beer upon beer! Meals Friday night thru Sunday morning!!! FIRE GOOD!!! And a pristine river full of ROCKS!!!!

* the “H” in Neandertal is silent. Pronounce it right or you might get a fossil tossed @ your cranium.
* Low-rate dinosaur insurance provided on-site! Optional but recommended.

Yabba Dabba On ON!

PS - this year, THCH3 is hosting an early Thursday “Get Stoned & Move Rocks” pre-rage! See rego form for more detrails.

For the safety of everyone and their pets, no animals are allowed this year at Invihash. Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable.


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55 Hashers cumming


Flexible Paleo Endoscope

(Burlington Hash H...)

Gryffin the dork (but really a ravenclaw, wanting to be a hufflepuff)


Counterfeit Caveman Dick

(PooFlingers )

dead in the box

Burlington H3

Purple Penis Priestess


Sperm Burpin’ Erectus


Angry Crotch


69 Sided Dinos




Abnormal Turgid Erectus


Kunt Fu

Hudson Valley H3

Cummy Cave Bear

(Burlington H3)

Salty Cumpissaurus


Mourning Wood

Everyday Is Wednesday H3
Not a happy morning, t...

Fraggle Cock

New York City Hash House Harriers

Three Ring Jerkus


Sketchy Ho

(Boston H3)

How I Met Your Mother


Just Hannah


Willy Wonka & the Backdoor Factory


Eager Beaver

(Burling town)

Tacos on a Bridge


Just Henry


PigOsoreAss Rex


Stonewall Jackoff


Just Kyle


Just Ben




Slips n Slides


Mammoth Dildo Inspector


Nurse RainBlow

Larryville Hash House Harriers

Pull the Prick Out


Serial Lubist

Burlington Hash House Harriers

Jersey Lunchbox


Virgin Brody


Salty Mudflaps


Make That Noise


One Drunk Hunting and Gathering

(Raccoon H3)

Cock Bottle


Geordi La Foreskin

Knickerbocker H3

Full Frontal Fireball


Pippi Longcocking

Lost Boobs Hash House Harriers

Cumboy Wonder

Ithaca Hash House Harriers
It's 106 miles to Chi...



Quarter Mile Queer

Bahhston Hash House Harriers

Dampadon Cakeasaurus

(Happy Valley H3)

Mrs. Jackoff


(I’m new here. I have yet to be inducted..)


Shits and Ladders






Vagiterian Liberrian


Cum Ear


Friar Fuck