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BS_H3 Little Black Dress or Less 2018

04/27 04:20 PM to 04/29 12:00 PM

A BS_H3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $10


BushWacker FudgePacker, Rudolph the RedNosed NutSack


Wankers and Bimbos get ready for the First Analual Little Black Dress or Less event being brought to you by BearlySouthH3. The time of year has cum again in which we like to parade around this college town in our finest and would like to invite you all to join us. This will be our first camp out so Bear with us Haha

There will be two different days of trails. The one of Friday evening will consist of the normal Shiggy you expect to find in the Wild and Wonderful Hills of West By God. Saturday will be our Dress Run with little to no chance of messing your pretty little outfits up. Who knows I may get a wild hare in my ass and throw an jacked up eagle trail. TBD on that one. Various games will be available the entire time to keep your half minds occupied.

Friday we will be having a Crock Pot competition After trail. Please try and enter into this event because even though we are providing some beer and slight snacks Friday Night Dinner is on you!

Saturday Will consist of a Pig Roast. The Pig will be being served through out the day with different sides coming out at different times. Our Dress run will be through the heart of DownTown Morgantown to make it all the more fun. After Settling back down after the dress run, it will be time to get ready for some live music. Currently we have 4 different bands playing for this event and it will be Hasher only! Sometime through out the evening we will also be having a Fashion Show!

Sunday will have a FatBoy trail so you wankers can help us finish what booze you can and eat the left over food. This isn't a Campground or hotel (It's someone's humble abode on some decent sized property) so there's no real rush to leave but there will be a cap on that time once the date becomes upon us.

When it Cums to crash space PRETTY IMPORTANT. Plan on bringing a tent. There is limited FLOOR (cots, sleeping bags, air mattresses, which are all BYO) space inside the house and we are trying to leave that for strictly people who really can't handle being in a tent. Take care to look at the weather before packing! Morgantown can be Fickle

Also if you are having trouble with the paypal link just send the monies to Paul.Carter1986@yahoo.com as friends and family so we can avoid the fees. Make sure to include your hash name so I can check you off the list as paid.

*Hey all you beautiful bimbos and wanks! BoWFaP and I (Rudolph the Red Nosed Nutsack) have decided that it's been entirely too long since we've gotten wasted and run around our fair city in dresses so we figured hey why not do just that?! Thus the Little Black Dress or Less Hash Weekend with Sack and Fap was born! There will be two trails including an eagle shiggy shit show hared by the fabulous Ms Bowfap Friday night and a short drunk and fun dress run on Saturday hared by me! There will be camping and crash space available at NFHN Roby's humble abode which is where most of the event will be taking place so bring a tent and or a sleeping bag and we'll find some place to put ya ;) also included in this $10 rego which can be paid online or in person to Fap or myself are three bands which will be playing Saturday night and a hog roast so this is an event that you won't want to miss! So grab a little black dress and all of your favorite hashers and come join us for this beautifully boozy and debaucherous wanker weekend!

Bands will include: Golden Horseshoe, What's Missing, and Super Awesome Fun Time Party Band!!! Shits gonna get wild I hope you guys are all ready!* This is what we have on the event page itself. Hit up Paul Carter on facebook to be invited to that page

Little Black Dress

Camping Supplies, Friday Dinner, Lack of Dignity, Spare Liver, Pretty little black dress, Ears to listen to some amazing local music, and something to wear for the Fashion show.

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Morgantown, WV

1319 Fairmont Rd. Morgantown, Wv 26501

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