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Bearly Blue


I aim to misbehave.

BluesCrues Jones Family Southern Baptist Convention (NOT OctoBEERfest) 2022

11/11 12:00 PM to 11/13 11:30 AM

A BluesCrues Hash Campout

Cost: $104*


Bearly Blue


UPDATE: Due to incoming storms, I rescheduled the event for November 11-13 after considering dozens of factors and hashers inputs. By dozens, I mean about 47. I've also reopened the rego to fill up our campsite and so I can recoup some of the cost for all the extra gimmies I bought. The NEW price of $104 does NOT include the shirt, that was the early bird special...

Come all ye thou art thirsty and be refreshed. For I am your shepherd, who will lead you to beer nears, cold kegs, luscious shiggy, and to a time you will never forget if you can even remember it. We're going to party like we're Pope Alexander VI!

What was once OctoBEERfest, after a vicious false accusations about a butt plug parade is now known for this year as the JONES FAMILY SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION FOR FUTURE YOUTH EVANGELICAL LEADERS OF AMERICA. I have offered myself up as the next sacrifice so that all hashers may be free...free to drink, party, hash, and not have to drive home for a weekend. For wine(beer, cider, etc) makes the heart of mortal man(woman, etc.) rejoice!

"But Elder Blue, what will we get for our rego?"

Well I'm glad you asked.
*2 nights of camping at the BEAUTIFUL Ginnie Springs,FL
*Friday near midnight shot trail
*A cool af shirt designed by yours truly
*A deliciously shiggy trail hared by yours truly
*Patches(We do need some stinkin' patches)
*A very special secret gimmie you can keep extremely close forever
*Frosty beverages for all to quench their thirst
*A toe tag to let everyone know you were there

1200: start arriving
1400 Check-in
1600 kegs tapped
2200 shot trail

1130 trail
1700 hash olympdicks Drinking games from around the world
2200 Special event

0930 Hangover hash trail
1000 closing circle
1130 Clean up your camp and GTFO if we're not already kicked out...again

$119 until June
$129 after July
Post Hurricane Ian: $104 (No shirts for you, just camping, patches, gimmies, toe tags, that you'll cherish for years to cum)

IF you want to Glamp off base away from the group, you can rego for $69, but you'll be required to make your OWN camping reservations.

Food is BYOF. I'm not Jesus, I can't feed you all with 5 barley loaves and 2 fishes. I'll see what I can do, though.

Payment options: Make sure you include your full name and hash name to avoid mix ups.
Paypal.me/DonovanConner (Friends and family)
Venmo- @Brett-Conner-3

For camping rules and policies see https://ginniespringsoutdoors.com/rules-policies/


Tent, food,

Location Details

Ginnie Springs, Deer Spring

7300 NE Ginnie Springs Road, High Springs, FL 32643

2022 IAH Medellin

Fuck if I know

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