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BiloxiH3 5 and 1/16th Anal Campout 2022

11/04 04:00 PM to 11/06 11:00 AM

A BiloxiH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $69

60% of the time we show up a 100% of the time!

Don your best sport court, grab your leather bound books and cum join us for our 5th Anal Campout!
November 4th through the 6th!

$69 gets you tent space, some meals and shit.

That shit is....
-A rad gimme. Probably a toe tag.

- Dinner on Friday
- Shot trail Friday night
- Breakfast on Saturday
- A shitty trail Saturday
- Lunch Saturday
- Scotchy Scotch Scotch H3 sometime Saturday
- Access to shitty beer all weekend.

Important things to know:
- We are always looking for wood (no nails) to burn on Fri/Sat night.
- Breakfast Sunday is available for purchase from the VFW, bring yo dolla dolla bills.
- All times are scheduled to change. Welcome to the hash.
- You still CAN NOT throw glowsticks in the fire (Looking at you Multiple Oceans)

Check back often for updates. Send all questions to Pineapple Black on FB.

60% of the time we show up a 100% of the time!

Tent; Blankets and hoodies (it gets chilly); Bug spray; Dolla dolla bills for the VFW; Vessel; Sense of humor; Condoms (no making Biloxi H3 babies!)

Start Location Details

4321 W Gay Rd, D'Iberville, MS 39540

Start Location TBA

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