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BH4 30th Anniversary 2022

10/21 12:01 PM to 10/23 07:45 PM

A BH4 Hash Campout

Cost: $60*


Fuk Stik

NOTE: Some of the times have been updated below. Please check them out.

A BH4 Hash Campout

The Blue Hen H3 will be celebrating 30 years of idiocy: come join us! Your registration covers the main trail on Saturday the 22nd. There will also be a pre-lube on Friday that's pay as you go, and a hangover run with any leftovers.

What: A great trail, heaps of beer, camping, idiocy, and TOO MUCH FUN.

When: Saturday, October 22, 2pm
Pre-lube trail: Friday, October 21, 5:30 pm in Ohiopyle
Sunday run: Noon

Where: Rising Knob, Maple Summit Rd, Mill Run, PA - just outside of Ohiopyle, PA

Trail Details: Great trails, chicken/eagle split, food, beer, and inanity.

What can I bring: Dogs and kids are welcome. Friday's trail will now have pub stops and you'll be on your own for dinner.

Lodging: Camp out at Rising Knob (Fuk Stik's property in the woods) or book a campsite, hotel, or Air BnB in nearby Ohiopyle, PA.

Other notes: Friday night trail will start in downtown Ohiopyle and there will be a hangover run within a short drive of Rising Knob. There's also the possibility of a pre-lube Thursday in Pittsburgh, details to be determined.

PLEASE PRINT OUT OR SAVE THIS INFO AS THERE IS VERY LITTLE CELL PHONE RECEPTION IN OHIOPYLE!!!  If you get lost, you can try to call, txt, or email Fuk Stik and he might answer: 571-218- twenty-four twelve

The majority of the events will occur at Fuk Stik's property, Rising Knob, which is located on Maple Summit Rd in Mill Run, PA. It's approximately 1.5 miles from PA-381.

It is a little hard to find because you have to: (1) turn into the driveway, then (2) drive PAST the neighbor's garage and house down the dirt driveway and over a small wooden bridge to get to the property.  There will be HHH signs which should help you find it.  Txt Fuk Stik for more info.

It's going to be chilly at night!

To that end, we're making some adjustments to the evening plans:

  1. Indoor crash space will be available on a first come, first serve basis.  We have some cots and a couple of single beds, but it's mostly floor space.  If we get cozy, we should be able to fit everyone who is currently registered and more.  Reach out if you're planning on doing this.  

  2. There will be indoor hang out space available all weekend.  There will also be campfires, bonfires, a hot tub, etc for those who want to enjoy such things.

  3. Showers will be available, both outdoor and indoor.

--- SCHEDULE/Trail Location ---

Friday Night Trail starts at 5:30 pm from the Ferncliff Natural Area Parking Lot.  The best address to use is probably the Wilderness Voyagers Rafting, 103 Garrett St, Ohiopyle, PA 15470, but it's actually the BIG (75 cars) parking lot on the other side of PA-381 from that address.  Trail will be short-ish, and you'll need to bring $$$ for one of the stops and food at the end.  Traill will end at the Falls City Pub.

Apres: After trail we'll head back to Rising Knob (aka Casa de Fuk Stik) for beer, campfire, snacks, and hang out time. 

Saturday's events will all be held at Rising Knob.

Breakfast: Token's Little Cuckold (TLC) will be cooking a breakfast that can't be beat starting around 8 am (give or take), and the beer will be flowing.  

Trail: Trail will start promptly at 2 pm. There will be a Chicken/Eagle split. Walkers and runners will be there, great fall colors, beautiful terrain.

Apres: A dinner that can't be beat, lots of beer, bonfire, hot tub, and SO MANY STARS.  Late night snacks too!  

To get a "taste" of what the food might look like, you can check out TLC's instagram: https://instagram.com/mborrelli277?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Breakfast and coffee.

Short-ish hangover trail at noon-ish.  (If there's enough interest)

Hang out as long as you like, eat leftovers and hot dogs, drink beer, and enjoy yourself.

I think that's it.  Email if you have questions.  Bring your friends, but let us know if they're coming so we can get more food/beer.


Towels, warm weather gear, etc.

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Ohiopyle, PA

Ohiopyle, PA

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