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Groundhog Lay


The drunkest groundhog in Pennsylvania!

BFMH3 SEXTEENTH Anal Grand Meeting

02/06 07:30 PM

A BFMH3 Trail

Cost: $35


Cuff Me the Vampire Player, DILTDO DRAGONS, Knights of the Pound Table


The time is upon us once again. For only the 16th time in recorded history it’s the Ben Franklin Mob’s AGM! Join us as we throw out the jaded, worn out 2018-2019 Mismanagement and usher in a new group of perky, bouncy…idealists as our 2019-2020 Mismanagement!

Some details are still being worked out, but we’ll be at the flagbearer of BFM bars – Bonner’s. You’ll want to take Friday off because we’ll have a 3 HOUR OPEN BAR after trail with BEER, WINE, BEER and, of course LIQUOR! To prevent you from dying of alcohol poisoning or starvation, food will be included as well.

Nominations are now open. If you’d like to condemn a fellow hasher (or even yourself!) to a year of service, put their/your name in here. Make sure you know what your signing up for and that your heckling the right people by looking up the current positions on the site.

Once nominations close (probably some time in January), campaigning and voting will take place simultaneously. Make sure you’re on the Facebook page or signed up for one of the two Philly Hash email lists (can sign up when regoing) if you want to make you terrible voice heard during THE MOST IMPORTANT ERECTION OF YOUR LIFE.

A liver and sense of humor.

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Cause for Blindness

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I bitch, therefore I am.

Cuff Me the Vampire Player

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Everything Butt Sex

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I'm shy.

Groundhog Lay

Ben Franklin Mob H3
The drunkest groundhog...

Jug Stain

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Sargeant Snatch Snitch

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Condom Fuck Sister / Strippopotamus

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