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BFMH3 FEARadelphia 2022

10/20 07:00 PM to 10/23 12:01 PM

A BFMH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $70


Sergeant Snatch Snitch, Down Down on the Brown Brown, Shop N Fuck, Parks & Masterbation, Silence of the Goats, 60K9, & Cause for Blindness


PLEASE READ the below in its entirety before you REGO

Hash Rego payments are made DIRECTLY to Venmo or Paypal.
Venmo: @Chris-W-Dunn
Paypal: bfmhash@gmail.com

Welcome to the BIG FUCKING MESS!

OH WAIT HASH NOTE?! "I Put a Spell on You"
"I got drunk with you
Because you’re fine
Don’t stop the shots we do
I ain’t lyyyyyyin
We’ve waited all year for it to be this day
Now BFM Hash is back!
And there’s hellllll to pay
I’ll get drunk with you
Because you’re finnnneee"

It’s finally here! FEARADELPHIA!! Featuring multiple kennels! Multiple trails! Multiple costumes! Drinking! Running! Dancing! Surprise contest with the ghost of Ben Franklin! And multitudes of ass clownery! This is the event you’ve all been waiting for, so get your best dance pants on (or off)! First 50 Rego's are guaranteed awesome hab!

Quick notes regarding what your Rego gets you for the weekend
-Thursday: Beer!
-Friday: Beer and The Rocky Horror Picture Showing!
-Saturday: Beer, Food(Dinner), Hab, and Dancing!
Click on the below tabs for additional information regarding each trail/events. The final itineraries will be emailed to all of those who are rego'd one week before the event.
-Sunday: Free brunch, beer, music, and games.

Additional Note:
If you're banned from any Hashes, Kennels, or events, you're not welcome at this event. If you're feeling sick, sniffly, coughy, etc., please stay home.

Halloween: Jim Henson & Muppets(Thurs), Rocky Horror(Fri), Choose your own Adventure(Sat), and Hangover Zombie(Sun)

Costumes. All of the costumes. Head lamps, because it gets dark earlier in October. ID and Cash.

Start Location Details

Philadelphia, PA

Bonner's Irish Pub

Schedule of Events


Hares: Sergeant Snatch Snitch & Down Down on the Brown Brown
Theme: Muppet Trail (Jim Henson all the things)
When: Meet up 6:30pm - On Out 7:00pm
Where: Bonner's Irish Pub - 120 S. 23rd St., Philadelphia, PA 19103
Why: It’s time to sing a hash song, it’s time to lay some flour, it’s time to be a muppet for at least a couple hours!

Muppetdelphia is here! Come help Sarge solve his biggest quandary, is he a man or is he a muppet? If he’s a man he’s a muppet of a man.

What is a muppet? Any puppet created by Jim Henson and his production company; there’s the Muppet Show, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, even Labyrinth and the Dark Crystal are in play. I’m not keeping score, wear a furry costume if you want!


Hares: Shop N Fuck and Parks & Masterbation
Theme: Rocky Horror Picture Show
When: Meet up 6:30pm - On Out 7pm
Where: Penn's Landing - Waterfront Parking (39.949592, -75.139300)
Team Bad Idea's is having a Happy Hour Trivia meeting at 5:00pm @ 2nd Story Brewing
Why: I'm lucky. You're lucky! WE'RE ALL LUCKY!
Oh no! Did we get a flat tire? We better head over to this creepy looking house over there.... It's probably some kind of hunting lodge for rich weirdos. I see you shiver with antici...pation! So wait no more. Head over towards the light at the Frankenstein place. Put on that make up. Fish net stockings. Maid outfit. And anything else that you can put together. Jump to the left. Step to the right. Put your hands on your hips and join Frank'N'Furter as he leads us from one watering hole and to the TIME WARP! (ROCKY HORROR SHOW)


Hares: Silence of the Goats & 60K9
Theme: Choose your own Adventure - Wear your best costume, sexiest costume, smelliest costume, or wear as little as possible. Just wear what you want, as long as it's a costume.
When: Meet up 1:00pm - On Out 2:00pm
Where: Dirty Franks - 347 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
(This is an A to B trail with a bag car. 0.6 miles from each other)
Why: SATURDAY TRAIL WILL BE THE MOST SHENANIGANY OF SHENANIGANS! With a phenomenally shitty trail hared by Goats and K9, beer nears, shot nears, drunken debauchery at one of the best Hash Haunts in the city. DJ Tits of Steel rockin' sweet beats and lots of other things. If the night goes as planned you won’t remember any of that stuff anyway!

Liberty Bell H3

Hares: Cause for Blindness
Theme: Hangover Zombie - If you look even remotely presentable you did this weekend wrong.
When: Meet up 12:01pm
Where: Casa de Cockstradamus
Why: Let's be real. No one is waking up and gathering their collective selves for breakfast. So... brunch it is. Because a nutritious brunch is the only way we make it back to anything more than 50% for work on Monday morning. And who better than Cause for Blindness leading the way while resurrecting the long passed Liberty Bell H3. We will follow Cause on a very short trail to our meeting place at Casa de Cockstradamus.

Public Event

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47 Hashers cumming


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I'm shy.

Parks & Masterbation


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I bitch, therefore I am.

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