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BFMH3 Fearadelphia 2021

10/29 07:00 PM

A BFMH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $70*


You're on a darkened street, disoriented. You've wandered from the pack and haven't seen a mark in longer than you can remember. You yell out "R U!" into the abyss but hear nothing back. Only your own echo against an overwhelming silence, as if all living things around you have been snuffed out. Your headlamp flickers and dulls as you're engulfed by the darkness. Then suddenly, you hear soft footsteps! You can't tell where they're coming from, but they're getting louder. and faster. You hear heavy sunken breath approaching and when you call out in a quivering voice, "who's there?" they say nothing, but their panting gets faster and faster. Louder and louder. It's cumming for you and getting closer with every step. Prep your livers and and pick out your costumes for quite literally THE GREATEST PHILLY HASH HALLOWEEN OF ALL TIME. It's FEAR-ADELPHIA!

This will be a full weekend; starting with trail on Thursday evening. Thursday trail is an optional add-on for Rego purposes, since we know not all you wanks can take Friday off if you're traveling, etc. It'll be $5 rego add-on, or $10 at the door. Next up is Full Moon Rocky Horror-themed trail on Friday evening, complete with RHPS screening! Saturday will bring a Big Lebowski-themed trail, with an epic on-after including food, booze, and a dance party! And then cum recover with us at our Sunday Fat Boy Trail/Hangover Brunch. We can't wait to hang out with all you wankers and wankettes!

We want nothing more than for everyone to have a good time and to stay safe, so this is a VACCINE-REQUIRED event; you must be fully vaccinated to attend any part of this weekend. After completing your rego, please send proof of vaccination to the BFMH3 GM (Poly Pocket) at bfmhash@gmail.com. If you are not comfortable emailing this information, contact misman at the same email address and we will work with you to verify. You will not be considered registered until this step has been completed. Additionally, for the love of Gispert, STAY HOME if you have been exposed recently before the event or are having symptoms. Let's take care of each other.

Registration isn't guaranteed until payment is received. To avoid a fee, pay your rego to @BFMHASH via Venmo (include "Fear-adelphia" and your hash name in the "what's it for" description or we’ll have no fucking clue why you gave us money). If you pay using PayPal there will be an additional fee from PayPal. The choice is yours.

It's Halloween!

ALL THE COSTUMES (one for each night you're in town/attending), a working liver, a sense of humor, 1-2 pairs of shiggy socks and a headlamp (if your costume(s) don't light up)

Start Location Details

We're going to all the locations. For specifics check the schedule (addresses are bolded).

Start Location TBA

Schedule of Events

Hares: DILTDO Dragons and Knights of the Pound Table
Location: Penn Treaty Park, Fishtown
Theme: Post-Apocalypse

More details to cum

Hare: Silence of the Goats
Location: Grumpy's Tavern in South Philly, 1525 S. 9th St. https://goo.gl/maps/KobN1FzthSiYwKyG9
Theme: Rocky Horror Picture Show

Can you feel the antici............................pation? Cum on out to Grumpy's Tavern in South Philly for a very special Rocky Horror-themed trail led by Silence of the Goats! Dress to impress in your finest Rocky Horror attire. Trail will be followed by a screening of RHPS at the Upstairs at Grumpy's! Gather at 7pm, on-out at 7:30.

Hare: Slippery Prick
Theme: The Big Lebowski
A: Liberty Lands Park: https://goo.gl/maps/AP7wbjJE4ropaSSF8
B: RUBA Club, 416 Green St: https://goo.gl/maps/zZqa9a241ptxEB6g8
SPECIAL NOTE: Bring reusable vessel, head lamp, proof of vaccination; costume
WHEN: 3:30pm (gather), 4:00 (chalk talk) - on out immediately after

Getchu a little hair of the dog over at Love City Brewing - hasher owned, fab beer, and eats from local fave food truck Algorithm. Pay as you go.

12:00 PM
Love City Brewing
1023 Hamilton Street, Callowhill/Warehouse District

Parking is accessible on the surrounding streets, especially the metered spaces on nearby Spring Garden Street. SEPTA's Broad Street Line stops a few blocks away at Broad and Spring Garden Street.

Dogs are welcome at outdoor tables.

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