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Groundhog Lay


The drunkest groundhog in Pennsylvania!


10/31 07:30 PM to 11/03 05:00 PM

A BFMH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $1*


You're on a darkened street, disoriented. You've wandered from the pack and haven't seen a mark in longer than you can remember. You yell out "R U!" into the abyss but hear nothing back. Only your own echo against an overwhelming silence, as if all living things around you have been snuffed out. Your headlamp flickers and dulls as you're engulfed by the darkness. Then suddenly, you hear soft footsteps! You can't tell where they're coming from, but they're getting louder. and faster. You hear heavy sunken breath approaching and when you call out in a quivering voice, "who's there?" they say nothing, but their panting gets faster and faster. Louder and louder. It's cumming for you and getting closer with every step. It's FEAR-ADELPHIA!

Yes, we're moving up the anal November weekend hash to the beginning of the month and getting just the tip of October in there as well. Prep your livers and and pick out your costumes for quite literally THE GREATEST PHILLY HASH HALLOWEEN OF ALL TIME.

We're trying to keep things cheap as fuck with this rego, so Thursday and Friday can be added or removed as your schedule allows (but you should 100% do both). You can also grab some AMAZING HAB to keep your HEAD warm if you rego and select hab - supplies limited!

Again, we’re trying to keep things cheap AF for you halfminds without skimping on the booze, so regos start at $45 (ok, technically you could go down to $40 if you're just making it out on Saturday) and then go up, the more you add/longer you wait. Base costs are below:

$45 for rego #1-10
$55 for rego #11-20
$60 for rego # 21-30
$70 for rego # 31-40
$75 for regos #41+


Hab is an extra $10, but total worth it and supplies are limited. AVOID MAKING THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE, GET IN EARLY AND HAB UP!

Registration isn't guaranteed until payment is received. To avoid a fee, pay your rego to @BFMHASH via Venmo (include "Fear-adelphia" in the "what's it for" description or we’ll have no fucking clue why you gave us money). If you pay using PayPal there will be an additional fee from PayPal. The choice is yours.

It's Halloween!

ALL THE COSTUMES (one for each night your in town/attending), a working liver, a sense of humor, 1-2 pairs of shiggy socks and a headlamp (if your costume(s) don't light up)

Start Location Details

We're going to all the locations. For specifics check the schedule (addresses are bolded).

Start Location TBA

Schedule of Events

Right in front of the best damn haunted house in Philly, Eastern State Penitentiary (go as a pre-lube if you get in early, it's fucking worth it), we'll be going to a classic hash bar - Westy's! Cum on out this All Hallows' Eve with the Ben Franklin Mob in Fairmount! Dress as your favorite/least favorite hash name. Bring a headlamp and some shiggy socks. There will be trail! There will be shiggy! There will be many many down downs!

Hash cash is $10 at the door or add it to your rego now for only $5! (it's not included in the default rego, you must add it separately).

Westy's Tavern: 1440 Callowhill Street

On Friday, it's just a jump to the left and then a step to the right. With your hands on your hips. You bring your knees in tight. But it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane. Let's do the time-warp again!

The Philly Full Moon on Friday will be hosting a Rocky Horror Picture themed r*n and boldly go where no hash has gone before: Stir Lounge - a fantastic divey gay bar in Rittenhouse Square! Dance party to IMMEDIATELY follow circle. Stay and party the night away or join some wankers for the actual show around midnight (pay as you go/extra cost).

Hash cash is included in your base rego, but if you're lame and can't make it, you can get $5 off your rego (if you change your mind AGAIN, it's $10 at the door).

Stir: 1705 Chancellor St

Wake up early Saturday (read: before dark) for a trail leaving at 4pm! This one will be harder and longer than Thursday or Friday but with more BNs, SNs and snacks then you can shake a dick at! Trail will be A-B starting at the East Falls Train Station (there's a bag car) and ending with a baller ass costume party at Bar X in the Gayborhood! Bring your costumes as we get some ghoulish shiggy in before we all blackout.

Start: East Falls Train Station: 3610 Midvale Ave
End: Bar X: 255 S Camac St

Attempt to remember, in the hopes that you some day truly forget all the mistakes you made this weekend with a fatboy.

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I bitch, therefore I am.

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I'm shy.

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You know you want me;)


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consent, motherfucker

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