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BFH3 Homecumming RDR 2021

10/16 10:00 AM

A Red Dress R*n event hosted by BFH3

Cost: $50*


White Lightning, Psychedelic Cumfountain


Wanks & Degenerates, have we got a trail for you! While the Homecumming Hash is an event in itself, we have upped the ante and brought back your anal Red Dress R*n for double the trouble, double the fun! Revel in the glory of day drinking and hashing amongst a rowdy crowd of muggles while wearing our finest crimson attire.

The start location is RV Row 1 Spot 8 on the north side of the IU Memorial Stadium. Feel free to park for free in the neighborhood just northwest of the stadium off north Dunn street. Early tailgating at 10am will be will with hasher-friendly muggles and Upland Brewing Co. Bring your vessels as well as a lawn chair for on-after!

Historically, the RDR has an element of fundraising and this year is no different. We will be soliciting donations for the Sycamore Land Trust, an organization dedicated to preserving our shiggiest spaces.

The IU cannons will signal start of trail, which will meander through human shiggy and other such nonsense, eventually leading the pack to the BN, at which point lunch will be provided. Never-leave-campers beware: if you want to eat, you’ll need to gasp GO ON TRAIL! (Walker friendly)

Your RDR Rego includes:

• Epic BFH3 Trail
• Lunch & snacks for the day
• Dope swag from our fab hab
• Authentic IU/BFH3 tailgate experience!

Prices go up after 9/25 and again day-of.

Accepted forms of payment (in order of preference):
- Venmo: @BloomingFools
(last 4 digits of the phone number are 8209)
- PayPal: bloomingfoolsh3@gmail.com (* * FRIENDS AND FAMILY ONLY * *)
And if you really, really, have to:
- Filthy cash

Red Dress!

Your red dress! Vessels for access to keg beer.

Start Location Details

North Tailgate Fields, IU Memorial Stadium. RV Row 1 Spot 8

Start Location TBA

Schedule of Events

Pre-Lube at the designated tailgate area. North side of the stadium, RV Row 1 Spot 8
10:00am (Optional) Pre-RDR tailgate/prelube
11:30am Circle up!
Noon/Cannons ON-OUT!

Public Event

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32 Hashers came


Rocky Mountain Purple Dildo


Armagettin It On


Broke Bitch Mounted





Probably in heels

Swallow 4 Equality

Drink it down down dow...

Brokeback Belcher


Feeldoe Floggins


Psychedelic Cumfountain

Blooming Fools H3

Screw It, I'm Wet


Muffy The Troll Layer


Brings Up the Rear


Help Get It Up


NoCum Loudly

Blooming Fools H3


(Dayton H4)

Pocket Full of Lube


Scary Pooter

Blooming Fools H3

Inside Her Trading


White Lightning



(Dayton H4)



Spanker's Hours


Up^Right Position

(Blooming Fools H3)

Shig Eating Grin

Dayton H4

Just Jason


Rest in Penis


Hump & Pump


Man Buns of Steel

Blooming Fools H3

Nuclear Submissive


Son of Gucci