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"Whoooo's Tonka?! I know Tonka, Tonka Fuck's great!"

R2H3 AZIH IX 2024

10/31 10:00 AM to 11/03 12:00 PM

A R2H3 Hash Campout

Cost: $100


Arizona Interhash IX is an annual, rain or shine, >21yo adult only, 3-day hash-camping event. The site reservation is for Thurs 31 Oct - Mon 04 Nov (includes extra days for travel & set-up on both ends of the 3-day event).

Show up (Thurs) for the prelube/mixer & drinking practice and to Set-up your camp BYOE: Bring all you need to survive for the Thurs (food/drink). Event starts Fri Morning with breakfast & opening circle & trail & tent crawl! Event ends Sunday after closing circle & site clean-up. All are welcome to stay the extra night on Sunday, We just need to be gone by Mon @ 12-noon.

Roosevelt Lake, AZ - Grapevine Group Campground, Goose Loop. Our group site is located on the peninsula closest to the lake. Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/4si5MUw8Ln2FcAgk7

What you get for your doll hares?
3 day, 2 night hashcamp event. 7 meals, kick ass & useful gimmie, event patch(es), 3 trails each day including: the AZIH trail, the themed Tent Crawl, Midnite Nakie, Hash O'lympdics, Beer Mile, and the infamous Ridiculously Difficult Hash (RDH). All varying in difficulty and shiggy. Can't forget The Bad Decisions Bar where you can pickle your livers & lower your standards, play games, patch whore & and sell/trade hab.

Campsite Amenities Include: Flushing toilets, water, shade, fire pits & grills, a few electric outlets (110 vac), showers, tables, lots of area to set up your camp. Epic views from camp & some of the most spectacular sunrise/sunsets you will see only in the state 48. RVs of all sizes welcome but there are no hook-ups.
Quiet Hours 10pm—7am (2200-0700).
Bitches are welcome, but they MUST be leashed and/or kenneled, kept from running amok, and must not be an asshole to other doggos and halfminds.

Ready to rego?! Great! PayPal regos are preferred (see below), However if you'd like to send via Zelle or cash/check via snail mail, please PM Tonka (on email or Facebook) for details. We also accept cash/check in-person if you are lucky enough to see Tonka at the hash.

Regos Send $100 via PAYPAL to:
TonkaFhasher@gmail.com or https://paypal.me/TonkaFhasher
Include With Your Payment: • Muggle Name • Hash Name • "AZIH9" in the Notes.
Only paid regos will show on the WCL and we'll try to update daily as payments come in.

personalized GIMMEE DEADLINE: TBD First 50 regos get a gimmie. Please check your inbox for an email form from Harriet.Fishcest.

➽ If you have transit space or need a ride, please add yourself to the Carpool:

NO REFUNDS. You are responsible for selling your rego should you not be able to attend. PM or email any of the AZIH Misman for assistance getting you in touch with a grateful hasher interested in going. The Facebook event is a good place to post regos for sale.

Dia de los Muertos & Lost Souls Precession

tents, sleep gear, fleshlights, someone or something to blow, hash/camp vessel (ya want coffee, don'cha?), virgins to sacrifice as stunt liver, hash collars, happi coats, shiggy socks/gear (always chance for water crossing), patches and hab to whore, electrolytes and hangover remedies, prophylactics (to be used pre-walk of shame), wood free of nails/screws, ice donations, its a hashcamp. FITFO

Location Details

Roosevelt Lake, AZ Grapevine Group Area, Goose Loop group site (same as last year)

Grapevine Group Site-Goose Loop, Roosevelt Az

AZIH9 POST-LUBE drink/eat leftovers

Goose Loop, gotta be gone by 12-noon, Mon morning.

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