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10/23 02:00 PM

A AUGH3 Trail

Cost: $25


Small Balls Advisory & Homeless Hole Hunter



Welcome the 2021 Anal AUGH3 Red Dress Run/Friday night Lingerie Run

We’re hosting our Red Dress Run this Saturday October 23rd. Come out and bring your shortest, red, dressiest dress. I hate to brag, but we do this every year and we got pretty good at it! As alway, we are raising money for charity and this year procedes are going to the Overflow Foundation for survivors of suicide loss.

Trail is in downtown Augusta, so get ready to experience some of the best bar hopping/wine stops/shot stops while garnering all the attention from your favorite Red Dress.Prepare hard for a tipsy tour of Augusta’s favorite watering holes and our own fav places just to stop and take a shot.

Included in your rego is Friday night’s Lingerie Run to be hared by none other than Savannah’s Peg U Later! So pull out and put on your sexiest lingerie and get pre-lubed with Peg’s journey through Augusta. And, according to Peg, This will be a Lingerie “Glow” crawl. Wear your light up headbands, bring out those ‘ol light up shoes and glow sticks. Time to dust off your neon/blacklight stripper clothes! “Lingerie is usually dark, let’s brighten it up this year”!

We’ve blocked off rooms at the Holiday Inn downtown Augusta with special rates. So don’t worry about DD when you can sleep next to the party. Details on rooms listed in accommodations tab.

Some food will be provided at the end of trial, but other than that you’re on your own

Red Dress Run

Red Dress, lingerie, trail shoes, thirst for beer, I.D., $25

Location Details

Holiday Inn Express - Augusta Downtown

Make a Reservation

We have a block or rooms set aside for this event. Your have until September 24 to book at the special Augusta Underground rate of $109. Please use the link to book.

Schedule of Events

When: Circle is @ 6:30 pm Friday October 22nd
Where: Start is @ 360 Bay st #240, Augusta, GA 30901 in the old parking lot
Hare: Savannah's very own Peg U Later
What to bring: you're sexiest lingerie (make it bright and shiny)

When: Circle is @ 2:00pm
Where: Start is @ Mi Rancho Mexican Restaurant 2 8th St, Augusta, GA 30901 the big parking lot
Hares: Small Balls Advisory & Homeless Hole Hunter
What to bring: The classiest/trampiest red dress you can find

Public Event

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Homeless Hole Hunter


Small Balls Advisory

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