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ASS Labor Day Weekend Campout 2018

08/31 03:20 PM to 09/02 03:25 PM

A ASS Hash Campout

Cost: $69

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This will be our first campout! Let's escape the sweltering swampy heat of Satan's taint and get retarded at 8000 feet! Space is limited so this is a rego only event.

The campsite is primitive but does have poopers. Amenities include, grills, fire ring, picnic tables, and tent pads. No showers, bring butt-wipes. (Recommend grabbing a 6 Gal water jug for a makeshift outdoor shower if you really want to clean your crack). This is an amazing location with endless trail possibilities. The shiggy flows strong here!

So, what do you get? 3 shiggy-licious trails (I hear there may be a 4th trail around midnight on Saturday hint, hint), Dinner and breakfast each day, all the beer you can throat, a patch (for realzies!), gimme bag, and 3 days/2 nights in extremely close proximity to 45 of your favorite smelly, drunk, obnoxious hashers and harriettes.

What to expect:

Friday - Check in no earlier than 2pm. Set up camp. Crack a beer. Remove pants. Trail will be in the evening on hash time. Circle then grub! (We’ll be providing baked ziti with meat for dinner. You can go dig for berries & leaves if you don’t eat meat). We’ll get the fires roaring then have a great night.

Saturday - Wake up, take some Motrin, pedialite, find pants, crack beer then grub. (Breakfast will be breakfast casserole: hash browns, sausage, eggs, spinach and cheese. Berries still with the squirrels for you non meat eating weirdos) Trail #2 will be on hash time... and it's a SWILL TEAM Trail! Circle then repeat Friday night. *There will most likely be a special surprise trail at midnight... :) *

Sunday - Same as Sat morn then hangover trail around 1000 am. Circle, clean up camp, the. GTFO before 1PM.

We're limited to 45 campers and 9 vehicles; so, carpooling is a must. So, mark your calendars and start packing your tents and banana hammocks, This will be a weekend that quite possibly might not suck!

Camp Site Details can be found at:


Payment Options:
- PayPal: AtomicShitShowH3@gmail.com
- Zelle: AtomicShitShowH3@gmail.com
- Square: (working on it)
- Cash money in person

Shoot Questions to: AtomicShitShowH3@gmail.com.

Start Location Details

Mahogany Grove Campsite Mount Charleston


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