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SeattleH3 Alpacalypse 3: Alpacalypse Now! 2020

07/10 03:00 PM to 07/12 02:00 PM

A SeattleH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $1*

It has been almost 2 years since the Alpacalypse took over Seattle H3. For those that survived, it is time to start packing up your post-apocalyptic gear again, join 100 hashers, and journey back for the trilogy: Alpacalypse 3: Alpacalypse Now! Your rego to this event includes:
-hash prom -games -cuddle pit/trip space -craft beer tasting -craft weed hot boxing -ABC tent crawl & costume contest -hangover trail with floaties in a river -slip n slides -trust me pub crawl -accidentally cliff jumping off a hydro electric dam -midnight grilled cheese -inaugural emperor and empress of the alpacalypse dance off competition -our ever coveted/newly level 69 shiggy ball buster trail up a fucking mountain!

All of this happens on our favorite alpaca farm in the mountains, run by the 3 most glamorous leather daddies to ever host the end of the world!

This is a 100 percent consent required and 0 percent drama enforced event. Conscious crew will be on site to make sure everyone is an ethical shit show.

Facilities (http://www.pacapride.com/) Include: Space to pop a tent, Indoor Bathrooms and extra Porta Potties, Indoor Showers, River to Swim in, Mountain to Climb, Forest Trails, Close Proximity to Town

How Can You Take My Money:
Rego ($99) - Camping spot: plop your tent in one of the designated camping areas. Includes grass of varying lengths, and a vote towards the type of alcohol for the event.

The Guest Room Rego (1 Rego) ($250): Inside the main log home, the guest room features its own private bath and is furnished with a queen size bed with Tempurpedic mattress and a view of Mt. Pilchuck. (Up to 2 hashers). Price includes 1 Rego and Special Hab. All guests need to rego separately. All names must be submitted to twerkin.etftw@gmail.com by 1 July 2019.

The Guest Yurt Rego (1 Rego) ($350): Furnished with a queen size bed and linens. There is an additional futon couch that can double as a mattress. (Up to 4 hashers). Price includes 1 Rego, Special Hab, and, since proceeds will go towards purchasing another craft beer from Georgetown for the event, you can select which one. All guests need to rego separately. All names must be submitted to twerkin.etftw@gmail.com by 1 July 2019.

The Big Yurt Rego (1 Rego) ($450)
Furnished with couches and a pull out (giggity), should bring their own air mattresses, but can fit up to 3 air mattresses (up to 6 hashers). Price includes 1 Rego, Special Hab, and choosing the kind of beer for one of the kegs from Georgetown brewing for the event. All guests need to rego separately. All names must be submitted to twerkin.etftw@gmail.com by 1 July 2019.

Additional Fees:
Vehicle Pass: This year we want to encourage folks to commute to cut down on how much space gets taken up by cars and to make more room for tents, there will be an additional fee if you will be driving up, $5 advanced/$10 day of. You will be assigned a parking pass if you opt in. Select the add-on at checkout.

RV Pass: We will also have limited RV spaces this year. If you will be driving an RV, you must select the RV option below, in addition to purchasing a rego. $10 advanced. Limit 2. Select the add-on at checkout.

Dogs are allowed! Must be leashed, however, there is an off-leash play area as well. You MUST keep the dogs away from the alpacas.

We will be using the waitlist for all transfers. DO NOT sale your rego without communicating with the Rego HFU: Everybody's Twerkin' for the Weekend (twerkin.etftw@gmail.com). All transfers will close 1 week before the event. If a transfer is required due to extenuating cirCUMstances within less than 1 week of the event (i.e. you have Coronavirus and we don't want it), you will need permission from one of the HFUs, One-Eyed or Ghey Bondage.

Reminder: No virgins at campout. If you want someone to cum, make sure you bring them to a trail before they rego.

Signed Waiver sent in a separate email), ID, Firewood Donations, Camping Chairs, Reusable Dishware, Low Expectations, Sunscreen, Hammocks, Good Attitudes, Bug Spray, Sense of Adventure, Water, Snacks.

Start Location Details

Paca Pride Guest Ranch

28311 Mountain Loop Highway Granite Falls, Washington 98252

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The Holy Shit! What the Fuck? Hash House Harriers of Bremerton Washington - Voted Sickest Kennel in America by Rumson H3 at InterAm 2017 AND 2019.
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