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AlohaH3 30th Anniversary 2021

10/02 03:00 PM

A AlohaH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: Free/Pay as you go

My baby is turning 30, and its time to celebrate. This will be more than just a weekend event, but it is low key due to COVID, and will not be rescheduled. This rego is set up just to get a head count so we have enough beer on hand.

Need an excuse to vacation in Hawaii, want to make a hash of it? Make all your own travel arrangements, but join us as you wish, or do your own thing. Just have FUN!

The main event, the 30th Anniversary of the Aloha H3, will be celebrated on 2 October 2021, but there will be many hash trails or social events to attend as you wish.

This is no frills hashing, find your own lodging, rent a car for transport, bring your Aloha Spirit. Here are the various events you can choose from. Attend one, attend them all, your choice.

26 Sept - HO Hash
27 Sept - Pick Up H3
28 Sept - Honolulu, Hawaii H3 (H5)
29 Sept - Pau Hana (Hash Social)
30 Sept - New Moon Hash
1 Oct - Chicken Chase (Hash Social)
2 Oct - Main Event - 30th Anniversary Aloha H3
3 Oct - LABIA Booze Cruise

Repeat, there is no rego fee, no major giveaways, there may be a shirt for purchase, but there will be BEER and snacks. If there is any charge at all, it will be nominal . . . but expect it to be FREE BEER FOR ALL THE HASHERS!!! I'm feeling good. :o)

If you have any questions, drop me a note at GoToTheHash@gmail.com

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