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Alamogordo 10th Analversary Campout 2021

09/10 12:05 PM to 09/13 12:00 PM

A Alamogordo Hash Campout

Cost: $110*


Can you believe it's time for our 10th one of these things?!? Come help make it EPIC! Three glorious days of food, camping, fuckin nature, trails and the glorious nectar. Join the Alamogordo kennel as we're blown away to Cloudcroft for a Wizard of Oz themed experience. Get your regos now and don't get left out! Send monies to diablita4evil@yahoo.com. Regos close to the event may not get all gimmies

Wizard of Oz

Tents, bedding, warm shit

Start Location Details

Upper Fir Group Campground

X799+VH Cloudcroft, New Mexico

Public Event

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57 Hashers came


Mrs. Robinson


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Trix R 4 Dicks



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(Mr. Happy’s #69)

Billy Gay Virus

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Auto Erotic Fixation

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Backside Bayou

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I’d Eat That, Period




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Taj Ma Ballz

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Road Head

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This is for Fighting, This is for Fun (TiffTiff)

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Pussy Whipt

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Baby Back Bitch

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Pencil Me In

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Two Towers of Whoredor


Makes His Own Gravy


Dirty Beads Done Dirt Cheap


Tittle Taki


Don’t Touch MeDic


Grandpa's Next

(Hasher Without Bo...)

Clam Slammer

(jHavelina H3)

Poop! There It Is

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It wasn't me.

Verbal Diarrhea

Boise Larrikins

Yeast Face Pussy Boogers



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Tether Heather


Sperm Whale

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Houston H3

Tie Me Up Buttercup

Panama City H3

MoreMen Pukes Tonight

Charm City H3

TaunTaun Poontang (aka Poonie)

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Whorechata Fakup

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Runs 4 the border


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