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Online Rego for this event has not started yet. Rego opens 04/12 12:00 PM EDT

This event will cap at 100 Regos.

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A2H3 Red Dress Run 2024

06/29 12:00 PM

A A2H3 Trail

Cost: $100





Cum join the Anchorage, Alaska Hash House Harriers (A2H3) for our 2024 Red Dress Run. This year, our charity is Abused Women's Aid in Crisis, AWAIC. A portion of your rego is automatically donated to AWAIC.

The first 2 weeks of regos are reserved for Alaskan hashers only, and regos for Alaskan hashers will open no later than April 12, 2024 at 8am AK time. The rest of our regos will open two weeks after the opening date at 8am AK time, with a cap of 100 hashers in total.

PAYMENT: After you complete this rego -- exit HashRego, go to PayPal, and send your money to @A2H3 (Anchorage Alaska Hash House Harriers - paypal.me/A2H3, also under the name Nathan Johnson, who's responsible for our hash bank). Include the following: “AK RDR 2024 - your hash name, your nerd name, and the date you regoed”. Use the Friends/Family option or your payment will be returned.

PAYMENT TIMING: We must receive your rego payment within 2 days of you registering on HashRego. You will not be considered as regoed for this event without payment. If you don't do so, your rego will be released. You will receive a confirmation email once we've received your payment.

CRASH SPACE: We have a limited amount of crash space available.

NO REFUNDS! All transfers must go through Lesbian For Sure at ancakhhh@gmail.com.

QUESTIONS: Please direct any questions to ancakhhh@gmail.com.

We look forward to frockling around Anchorage with you!

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