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A2H3 Great Alaska Interhash 2023

06/22 01:00 PM to 06/25 08:00 PM

A A2H3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $199*


Lesbian For Sure, Jennatailia, Uniballer, Subaru, Lost & Found, DOA, Splash Gordon, and more!


Cum join the Anchorage, Alaska Hash House Harriers (A2H3) for the 2023 Great Alaska Interhash and Red Dress Run. This year, our charity is Abused Women's Aid in Crisis, AWAIC. A portion of your rego is automatically donated to AWAIC.

The first 2 weeks of regos are reserved for Alaskan hashers only, and regos for Alaskan hashers will open on January 27, 2023 at 8am AK time. The rest of our regos will open on February 10, 2023 at 8am AK time, with a cap of 150 hashers in total.

- Thursday, June 22 at 5pm: Meat and Greet! Join for a tasty BBQ of Alaskan meats! Pick up your amazing swag and run trail.
- Friday, June 23: A whole day of trails, more detrails to cum!
- Saturday, June 24 at 4pm: A fabulous red dress run trail throughout the town of Anchorage; a great on-after with a catered meal, a live band, and beer.
- Sunday, June 25 at 11am: Boozy brunch and trail

PAYMENT: After you complete this rego -- exit HashRego, go to PayPal, and send your money to @A2H3 (Anchorage Alaska Hash House Harriers - paypal.me/A2H3, also under the name Nathan Johnson, who's responsible for our hash bank). Include the following: “GAIH 2023 - your hash name, your nerd name, and the date you regoed”. Use the Friends/Family option or your payment will be returned.

PAYMENT TIMING: We must receive your rego payment within 2 days of you registering on HashRego. You will not be considered as regoed for this event without payment. If you don't do so, your rego will be released. You will receive a confirmation email once we've received your payment.

CRASH SPACE: 4.19.23 update - We have exceeded our crash space limit (50) for this event. If you still need crash space, let us know in an email, but no promises.

RDR DAY-ONLY REGO There are a limited number of RDR day-only regos for $100. Email ancakhhh@gmail.com if this is something you're interested in.

QUESTIONS: Please direct any questions to ancakhhh@gmail.com. We look forward to frockling around Anchorage with you!

NO REFUNDS! All transfers must go through Lesbian For Sure at ancakhhh@gmail.com.


Yourself, extra donation $$, red dresses and accessories, your best onesie, virgins, friends, a map of Chugach State Park, your appetite for food and nectar, your headlamp (jokes, it’s sunny AF in the summer -- bring your eye mask instead), and a sense of adventure! **Note: this is not a comprehensive list, I'm not your mother**

Location Details

Alaska Airmen's Association

4200 Floatplane Dr, Anchorage, Alaska

With Hashers!

Make a Reservation

4.19.23 Update: We've exceeded our crash space limit for this event. This link is now closed.

Original: Fill out our google form (click “Make a Reservation”) above with the required detrails and we’ll do our best to match you up!

Schedule of Events

What: Check-in and Swag pick-up
When: Thursday, June 22 at 5pm
Where: Alaska Airmen’s Association, 4200 Floatplane Dr., Anchorage
Why: Check-in and swag pick-up. Enjoy an assortment of Alaskan foods (aka meat!) and drinks caught, hunted, grown, & brewed locally. Greet some friends! Short trail starting at the Airmen's Association to follow.

What: Trails, alllllll daaaaaay
When: Friday, June 23 at various times
Where: Locations to be shared once confirmed
Why: We've got endless sunlight. You're in Alaska to hash. On onnnnnnnn!

Friday Morning Easy Trail, 10am: Hared by Subaru
Friday Morning Rainbow-themed Hiking Trail, 10am: Hared by Lesbian For Sure and Jennatailia

Friday Afternoon Trail 3pmish @ Kincaid: Hared by Cums Alone

Friday Kilted Midnight Trail: Hared by Uniballer

Saturday Morning Ball Buster, 9am: Hared by DOA
Saturday Morning Shiggy, 9am: Hared by Lost & Found

What: Red Dress Run!
When: Saturday, June 24 at 4pm
Where: Location to be shared once confirmed
Why: Let’s raise a ton of money for AWAIC and show off our booties in beautiful red dresses.
Includes: Trail, drinks, dinner, live music!

What: Onesie boozy brunch and trail
When: Sunday, June 25 at 11am
Where: Abbott Loop Picnic Shelter - 8101 Elmore Rd
Why: We'll have leftover beer (probably), you'll be hungover (definitely), we'll have too much flour (always...maybe...unless Subaru is laying trail...then the pack will be lost). Bring your best onesie.

(UNOFFICIAL) Non-GAIH-related (aka don't die!) float at Campbell Creek to follow trail around 2pm

Public Event

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