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7H4 Virginia Interhash 2017 2017

10/20 03:00 PM

A 7H4 Hash Campout

Cost: $100*

More details to cum...Halloween themed Interhash!!! There will be a full weekend of excitement, beer, games, scary sights, beer, Halloween costumes, trails, and well, BEER!!!
Be prepared for an awesome weekend camp out to end the camping season of 2017! We will have a costume shot trail Friday night to get the weekend started off just right. There will be dinner available for you wankers as you're setting up your tent/camping areas, provided by 7H4. Be sure to check-in as soon as you arrive so that you can pick up all your awesome swag for the weekend!
Saturday morning will get started with a breakfast provided by Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday H3. They're planning something good to get you wankers ready for a long, hard, sweaty...TRAIL will be super exciting as usual, so be prepared!
Saturday's lunch will be provided by FeH3, so be ready for something special! Because after lunch we will be getting ready for an extra spooky night with costume contests, trick-or-treating around the camping sites, and dancing the night away. Dinner will be provided by 7H4 and you know you're in for something extra tasty from those hungry wankers!
Sunday morning we will have a delicious breakfast followed by a fatboy trail and closing circle to bring the 24th Virginia Interhash to an end. Lynchburg has opened up many new pubs and bars, so be sure to talk to some of the locals before heading out of town so you can enjoy some local grub!
And don't forget to bring your patches for patch challenges!! Friday night and Saturday afternoon all the patch whores will be foaming from their thirsty mouths looking to earn some new patches!!!

IMPORTANT* Rego MUST be paid by 9/15 to guarantee your giveaways (they are personalized and you're going to LOVE it!!!). So PAY FOR YOUR REGO!!!

The Nightmare Before Hashmas

Camping stuff, costumes, candy for trick-or-treating, and shots for Friday Night Costume Shot Trail!

Start Location Details

Adams View Drive - look for signs and please park up on the side of the road

1268 Adams View Dr Lynchburg, Va 24503

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72 Hashers came:

Ass Juices

F*ck Eric!

Bland Slam

Co-hare extraordinaire!

Flute Loop

Don’t let the picture ...

Hory Fuck

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My Penis Needs Attachments

Hash, eat, drink, and ...


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Where's Cameron?

Shock My Monkey

He that made kittens p...

Spunk Monkey

I'm not Grassy, or am I?

Street Meat

There's no such thing ...

Ankles for Earrings


Balls Depot


Blueberry Speculum




Clean Up Crew


Cokeadoodle Do Me


Dah Dah Dah Dah Dahhhh, I'm Fuckin' It


Elmer Fudd


Ewe Sheep F*cker

(Fort Eustis)





Front Whore Jammer


Fuck Me In The Prius


Geordi La Foreskin


Gone with the Schwinn

(Ft TrashWater)



Havana Inner Vaginer


Hey Boy You're Next


Just Kim


Just Michelle


Just Shara






Masterbatn' Cunts


Moose Juice




Never Fucked


NFN Bag of Dicks


NFN Destiny


Once Twice Five Times a Lady


Oomph There It Is!


Permanently Screwed

(FUish H3)

Pigs in Spaaaaace!


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Rollercoaster Reach Bak


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Smells Like Rotten Egghole


Tesla Twat

(RH3 )

The Priest Said No


Trail of Snail


Trainal Seepage


UnCanned Hot Ass Messes