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OKC Green Dress Run 2018

03/23 08:00 PM to 03/25 12:01 AM

A Green Dress Run event

Cost: $50*

Onve regos reach 47 on this list, gimmes are no longer garunteed

Join us in Oklahoma City for our world famous, always crazy, always fun, and always can't miss, Green Dress Run and Celebration!

OKCW3H3 proudly presents our 18th Annual Green Dress Run!

After filling out the rego form, mark it paid, then go to LOGO's PayPal @ crysmatt@gmail.com and use the "Friends and Family" option pay for it.

Friday, March 23, is an optional pube crawl. (FREE!) The pube crawl is BYOO (Bring Your Own Ones).

Saturday, March 24, is the Green Dress run which includes gimmies, beer, food, beer, karaoke and more beer!

This is our 18th Annual Green Dress Run! If you register online before March 1st, your rego is just $45.00!! This includes beer, gimmies, beer, more gimmies, snacks, Saturday night dinner, and more beer! After March 1st, registration is just $50.00. Register by February 23rd for a possible customized gimmie. When signing up, please provide your nerd name, hash name and shirt size with your registration.

The pube crawl will start at the James E. McNellie's Pub (1100 Classen Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73103) on Friday, March 23rd at 7:30 pm.

The Green Dress Run will start at the Woodson Park Event Center (3401 S May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73119 - NOTE!!! This address is not the actual event center. The actual event center is south of the place this address takes you to. If you are looking directly at the building this takes you to, turn around and look for the people in green dresses across the field at the correct building.) Check-in begins at 2 pm.

We'll of course be having our annual Flip Cup Tournament, games, a raffle, and more surprises!

We've setup a block of rooms for all the wankers at the hotel. To book your room, call (405) 948-4443 and ask to book for the GREEN DRESS RUN. Also, they will need your first and last name to add you to the block of rooms.

Green Dress Registration/Check-In is at the Woodson Park Event Center at 2 pm on Saturday, March 24th. Hares away at (roughly) 3 pm.

A portion of the proceeds of the Green Dress Run and all the proceeds from the charity raffle go to the Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled. okfd.org

Fill out the rego form, click on Paid, submit it, then EXIT and go to LOGO's PayPal @ crysmatt@gmail.com and use the friends/family option. Add a note with your hash name.

Cash payments can only be made the day of the Green Dress Run (March 24th, 2018) at registration.

NO REFUNDS: If you cannot attend, your only solution is to find another hasher to buy your rego.

Location Details

Extended Stay America

4820 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73127

Extended Stay America

4820 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73127

Extended Stay America

Make a Reservation

Tell them you are with the Green Dress Run and leave your First and Last name to be included in our block of rooms.

Schedule of Events


Our annual Green Dress Pube Crawl will start at the Extended Stay America (4820 W. Reno Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73127) on Friday, March 23rd at 8 pm.

The Pube Crawl is strictly BYOO (Bring Your Own Ones). We will depart from the hotel and make our way to various bars, pubs and other places of ill repute throughout the night.

The Pube Crawl ends back at the hotel, after which wankers are on their own for further debauchery and entertainment.


The Green Dress run begins at the Woodson Park Event Center (3401 S May Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73119). Check-in will begin at 2 pm with Hare's Away at (roughly) 3 pm.

After trail, the party will continue at the event center until 10 pm, with food, beer, games, beer, karaoke, more beer and other fun and sundry events.

There will be a On-After bar (TBD) for wankers that want to continue the party, or they can head back to the hotel.


Don’t drive yourself to event site if you plan on being drunk. Your car will get gang banged in the un-fun way overnight & possibly ticketed after we force you to Uber away at 10p. Why? Because you’re a better fuck alive than dead.

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