05/15 - JaxH3 May Day Shiggy Trail #9

Trail $6

Just a little something - something to whittle away some hours on a Saturday afternoon. There are a myriad of celebrations on May 15th, one of which is National Stocking Day. So put on some crazy stockings or leggings and let's have fun! Since we'll be smack dab in the middle of Spring, you can also wear 'Springy'. This trail will be on the Westside of Jacksonville and promises to be a hootenanny. Who knows? You may even learn a little history!

Hares - Farm To Mouth Stretch Ass Strong

Location - The parking lot in the rear of Auto Zone (We love it in the rear)

Price - $6.00

Shiggy Level - 3.69 ish

Length - a skosh over 4 miles

What to bring: Bones Virgins (if available) Good attitudes BYOB Good attitudes Whistles Shiggy socks Head (who said head?!) light, just in case A change of socks. umm, just in case!

Trail should be dog friendly, (if you bring a pet, you may want to bring some libations for them.

Farm to Mouth, Stretch AssStrong (JaxH3)


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