08/21 - TAHHH minK 2020

Hash Campout $69

What: minK 2020 When: August 21-23 Where: Clinton Lake (Lawrence, KS) Hash cash: $69-$99 Rego cap: 180

minK 2020 will be at the Bloomington West campgrounds at Clinton Lake just outside of Lawrence, KS. This campground is secluded from muggles, offers plenty of shade, is walking distance to the beach and is less than a mile from the boat ramp. It also features shower houses, a play ground, a sand volleyball pit and plenty of room for activities. It does not, however, feature any type of enclosed (air conditioned) shelter. MM will be bringing in a trailer and grill for kitchen and cooking purposes as well as a large tent w/tables and chairs for a centralized gathering location. Parking is also quite limited so carpooling is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED.

Rego pricing: Pre-sale: $69 Thirsty Fucks: $79 Average Wanks: $89 Full up: $99 The numbers in each pricing bracket will be dependent upon how many of last year's attendees get in on the pre-sale.

FAQs: Q: How do I transfer my rego? A: We do have a wait list so if you don't have anyone in mind and just need to dump your rego, pick someone from the wait list and reach out to that person. MM is not issuing any refunds so you the seller will need to get money directly from the buyer. Once money has changed hands, complete the Rego Transfer form and MM will take care of the rest. If you know who you want to sell your rego to and they are not on the wait list, you'll need to have that person join the wait list prior to completing the transfer process. Waiting List - Transfer Form Q: Why is the cap so low? A: The bulk of KS lakes were severely flooded during the summer of 2019. Several lakes (including Kaw where minK 2016 was held) aren't even considering taking reservations until Jan-March of 2020 since clean-up efforts will be the deciding factor in what is open at each lake. Bloomington West was the best way to get an isolated group site secured so that registration and planning could begin now. Q: Can I bring my RV or camper? A: No, there simply isn't space for campers and/or RVs. The few spaces that have electricity will need to be utilized for food storage and to run the kitchen. Q: What dietary needs will be taken care of with food and beverages? A: There will be meals for carnivores, omnivores, herbivores and all the 'vores in between. We will also have gluten-full and gluten-free beverages and meals. PLEASE indicate any of these needs when you rego so we can make sure there are enough food and beverages. Q: Can I bring my pet? A: No animals will be allowed except for certified service animals. If you show up with your fur baby you will be asked to take him/her somewhere else for the duration of the camp out. You will be welcomed back with open arms (or a shot of Malort) when you return without your fur baby. Q: Can I bring my kids? A: No one under the age of 21 is allowed at minK 2020. Q: Can I get nekkid? A: This is a state park that does have a ranger that periodically checks in on campers and sites. Yes we are quite secluded from the general population but it is technically illegal to be naked. Several members of minK MM have been to this site and people have been naked on this site without issue so as long as we keep ourselves in check enough to prevent the ranger from having a reason to come check in on us, nudity should be ok.

General camping gear including tent, bedding, LOTS of sunscreen and bug spray, a hat (ticks are everywhere), water, snacks, weather appropriate clothing, swimming suit(s) and something inflatable for floating + water shoes if you want to get in the lake. But this is also a hash event so bring a vessel, hash appropriate attire, your whistle, kennel swag to sell (if you have it) and anything else you'd normally bring to a hash event.

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