04/19 - TAHHH 22 Anal Red Dress Run 2019

Hash Weekend $40

It's that time of year again, wankers! Time to dig out the red dresses and raise some money for charity. Last year TAH3 RDR raised over $800 for a local charity. This year's charity is the Wichita chapter of Dress For Success, an organization dedicated to helping women gain employment and be successful in life.

What do I get? Toe tag, swag (rego by March 31st to guarantee), On trail beer and shots, orange food, dinner, Saturday night crash space and a great time.

Why should I cum? Did you not read the previous section??

Trails: Friday April 19th: Pub crawl Time: 7:00 PM Where: TBD Hares: STI and DDT

Saturday April 20th: TAH3 22nd Anal Red Dress Run Check in: 1:30 PM Chalk talk: 2:00 PM Hounds away: 2:15 PM Location: 530 N School St, Augusta, KS Hares: Dude Runs Like a Lady and Raider of the Quartz Cock Notes: Food, drinks and Saturday night crash space will be provided as part of your rego. Auction tickets on sale before and during the event. Auction to be held to raise money for Dress for Success. This location is an old church with crash space. You’ll need to provide your own bed/bedding (i.e. air mattress, cot and bedding.) The sleeping space is a large, open area so know that privacy will be at a minimum. But it’s a safe space to crash and not have to drive and it’s included in your rego price of just $40! 1:30 PM – Check in 2:00 PM – Chalk talk Hounds away – 2:15 4:00 - Circle 5:30 - Auction 6:30 PM - Food 7:00 – On-after dance party and shenanigans

Sunday April 21st: Hangover Hash Time: 11:00 AM Location: TBD Hare: TBD

Dude Runs Like a Lady and Raider of the Quartz Cock

Red Dress, duh!!


Saturday night crash space bedding, vessel, money for charity, dancing shoes

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