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WH4 Trail # 2055: 2nd bi-anal Beavis and Butthead trail

01/22 03:30 PM

A WH4 Trail

Cost: $10


Daddy’s, Ginger Snatch, plus possibly 1 or 2 others


Closest Metro: Van Dorn Metro

Pre-Lube location: Lube….huh huh huh.

Aslin Brewery
[847 S. Pickett St., Alexandria, VA, 22304]
(1.1 miles away from start)

Start time: 3:00 pee m
Trail: 3:30 pee m

Start location:
Van Dorn Metro parking lot
[5690 Eisenhower Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22310]
(no charge to park on Sundays)

“Uhhh….Beavis, this sucks, huh huh huh huh. Who would pay money to like, run around in the cold like a bunch of dumbasses, when you can stay home and watch GWAR videos for free?”….

“No way, Butthead heh heh heh …. It’s gonna rule, dillhole…..heh heh…I know how to lay… Be a shot hare, Butthead. And then, there’s gonna be like, nachos at the end, heh heh, and maybe even FIRE! yeah cool heh heh heh.”
“Uhhhh, you said “labia.” Huh huh huh huh huh huh.

Cum do trail - heh heh heh, huh huh huh - based on a 90's cartoon about two animated burnouts that your mom wouldn't let you watch. (Uhhh - what? Heh heh heh huh huh huh.). Heavy metal t-shirts, immature puns about genitalia and TP for the hares' bungholes.

Theme: 2nd bi-anal Beavis and Butthead trail

Hares: Daddy’s, Ginger Snatch, plus possibly 1 or 2 others
Trail: A – Z
Walkers Length: 2.3 miles, not counting a long back check in first half
Runners Length: 4.4 miles
Shiggy Rating: 3, if that
Dog Friendly: Yes, note:
All furry friends must be on leash while on trail.
No free running.
See DD about end circle location.
Stroller Friendly: Yes, however, a tough stroller is highly recommended. There will be portions where a work-around may be needed.
Any items to bring on trial: Vessel, the usual plus some TP for your bunghole.

On-After: Option (A) La Fiamma, 6124 Franconia Rd, 0.3 miles from trail end; or Option (B) trail end

2nd bi-anal Beavis and Butthead trail

The usual plus some TP for your bunghole....hole

Location Details

Van Dorn Metro Station

5690 Eisenhower Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22310

La Fiamma or trail end [to be decided by weather]


Public Event

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