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UHHH SMUpstate SLOSHBALL 2018 2018

06/22 04:00 PM to 06/24 11:00 AM

A UHHH Hash Campout

Cost: $69*

here it is! What you all have been waiting for! The joint UPSTATE/SMUSHHH sloshball campout!

2 kennels have decided to join forces on this one, and it's going to be GREAT! We will have gimmies, beer, boobs, beer, sloshball, trails, beer, camping, beer, and of course BEER!

We will be playing our sloshball tourney closer to the night time, when it is cooler so nobody dies. Get your teams ready and let's play SLOSHBALL!

Rego is $69 but the price increases to $89 on June 1st so get your spot early. We have to cap this event at 200 people due to the insurance and the size of the land.

Tent, bug spray, sunscreen, anything you bring with you when you go camping, shoes for playing sloshball in, a thirst for beer, and a sense of adventure

Location Details

Belly Acres

312 keeler bridge rd, marietta SC, 29661

belly acres

Nothing that runs on gasoline is allowed in the camping area. You may pull your vehicle to the edge of the camping area, to load and unload only. You MUST park in the grass field closest to the road.

312 keeler bridge rd, marietta sc, 29661

Public Event

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