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TMFMH3 3rd Anal Orange Dress Run

10/03 06:00 PM

A TMFMH3 Trail

Cost: $10


Banana, Ropes-N-Chokes


The harvest moon is cumming. Are you ready? It will be brimming with hot autumnal goodness and a hint of spice. You like that? You want it? Best bring your booty out here and get it! Your whole mouth and body will be so happy. Trust me, I know from experience. Just don that fly ass orange dress and STRUT! See what happens. Bet you cum back for more! [Winky Face]

That’s right, it’s ORANGE DRESS TIME!!

There’ll be GIVEAWAYS!!
There’ll be BEER!!
There’ll be harvesty things!!
There’ll be BEER!!
There’ll be sweet mixed bevs!!
There’ll be BEER!!
There’ll be BUTTHOLES*!!
Oh, and of course all the best most fabulous views of the gorgeous RVA!!

~~I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that it’s still Covid times, soo.. stay home if you sick, cum if you thicc!!
But. Joking aside, we do have some Covid caveats to announce!~~

  1. There will be a 3pm start time AND a 6pm start time. If you prefer more social distancing PLEASE CUM EARLY! (At 3pm that is. However, if you desire even more distancing, maybe cum at 4 or some other time. Just let us know so we can give you your giveaways..)

  2. There will be a BYOB option for $5. You will still get your giveaways, but please disregard any of the provided beverages.

  3. Even if you cum for the bigger group, we will still expect people to observe polite corona-preventative measures: Wear facial protection when engaging in physical contact with others. Only engage with consent. Maintain proper social distance in circle and when around others you may not know well. Don’t cough, bitch. And don’t share fucking vessels!

That is all. Can’t wait to see you guys!

Orange Dress Run

VESSEL!! Also whistle.

Start Location Details

Loving’s Produce

1601 E Grace St

Public Event

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