09/09 - TAHHH TAH3-2022-Campout 2022

Hash Campout $77

We have once again rented all the cabins for the weekend so if you're tent camping, you can utilize the free camping around those cabins. If you want your tent to be a bit farther from the shennanigans or you have a camper, the Yucca Loop is the closest camping sites. If you want to reserve one of those sites, click here

Click here for directions to the cabins and Yucca Loop

For you race-ists: The Horsetheif Canyon Trail race on Saturday, September 10 registration is open. This race registration is COMPLETELY SEPARATE from the hash rego cost. If you'd like to run this trail run, follow this link.

So what does $77 rego get you?? Food, beer, and water for the weekend. Plus swag, a minimum of 4 trails, and a hell of a fun time.

Important notes: -Absolutely no dogs or children allowed. Both cause the Park Rangers to want to visit us regularly. Nobody wants that. -If you're tent camping, there is a shower house at the entrance of the road for the cabins that you can utilize all weekend. -MisMan advises that you bring some snacks for between meals. -Bring plenty of sunscreen and bug spray -There is a swimming area very close to the camping

Schedule: Friday 3:00-6:00 is check in 6:30ish - dinner 8:00 - Welcum trail: Hared by CIA and BW 9:00/dark - Disco hour @Dip’s camp Saturday 7:30-8:30 - breakfast burritos 8:00 - runners leave for race 8:30-9:00 - load up brunch 9:00 - race trail starts, “hared” by P4 9:00 - non-runners leave for race 10:45ish - circle 12:00ish - lunch 2:00 - Chalk talk for TuTu Trail - Mystery Hare 5:30ish - Wichititties Trail 6:30ish - dinner 10:30 - Naked TuTu Trail: hared by GOAT Sunday 10:00 - Fuck off trail: hared by P4 12:00 - GTFO no later than noon if you’re in a cabin


Camping gear (unless you're in a cabin, vessel, snacks, sunscreen, bug spray, swimming suit, hashing cloths, tutu for Saturday night's "naked" trail

Rego Closed

Online Rego for this event is closed. Please contact the Organizers if you still want to attend.

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