09/13 - SavH3 Friday the 13th Full Moon Trail & Saturday Trail #1000 Pub Crawl 2019

Hash Weekend $45

SAVH3 is rounding the 1000 Trail mark and you are invited to join us for a Friday the 13th FULL MOON Trail and Saturday the 14th Trail 1000 PUB CRAWL as only Savannah can offer!

Only the Fanciest of the Fancy MoFo’s will be toasting to Savannah’s 1000th in the Hostess City for a weekend of hashing only the way WE can do it. Put on your Sunday Brunch, Saturday Finest, Friday Freakiest, and Thursday Thirstiest and we will show you our best Southern Hospitality!

For the low low rego price of $45, you will have beer at each bar on Saturday and food at the last bar, you will also receive a customized toetag, a sweet lanyard on which to hang that purty toetag and this really cool patch! You'll also be recognized as one of these most Fanciest of Fancy MoFo’s and there will only be one chance to ever do so at a SAVH3 Trail #1000 pub Crawl.

We will kick things off in true Savannah style by beginning the festivities on Thursday evening for those that can make it to our Thirsty Thursday. Join the Savannah Hashers who are either retired, lazy, unemployed or just not going to make it to work on Friday morning at the Wormhole to meet and greet other out of town hashers.

Friday Night Full Moon Trail is $6.00 for beer and $8.00 for cider, free for virgins, if any dare.

Saturday don your Saturday finest Ladies and Gentlemen we are bringing classy drunk back! (In the south if you’re drunk it’s at least partially forgivable if you are least properly dressed). Wearing appropriate "Proper Savannah Garden Party" attire the pub crawl will take you on the streets of Historic Downtown Savannah, sampling the some of the South’s best concoctions(PBR). We will see who is still standing at the end!

For those who can, join us for a Sunday sendoff, BYOB at the beach on Tybee.

Midget Rodeo and Canooker Hooker

A Proper Savannah Garden Party!


ID, cash for Extra Credit if you want it, an address for the UBER to take your drunk ass to later that night...

Rego Closed

Online Rego for this event is closed. Please contact the Organizers if you still want to attend.

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