01/18 - SavH3 9th Anal BLT Pub Crawl! 2020

Pub Crawl $25

Hey wankers, it's that time of year again...it's time to raid your mom's underwear drawer, grab the sheets off your bed, or go to goodwill for the fanciest outfit you can find. Cum join us for the 9th anal Black Tie, Lingerie, or Toga pub crawl! Your shitty hares will lead you all over town in search of that golden nectar, and end with deconstructed sandwiches and snacks. Please rego if you plan to cum so we can make enough bacon for all of you assholes.

Hearse So Good, Monet My Muff & Cheaper at Kroger

Black Tie, Lingerie or Toga


Yourselves, your ID, a phone capable of calling your drunk ass an uber at the end of the night, a thirst for adventure.

Rego Closed

Online Rego for this event is closed. Please contact the Organizers if you still want to attend.

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